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    Gargoyles are mythical demonic creatures who turn to stone by day and become living at night.

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    In Disney:

    In medieval Scottland, A. D. 994, The Gargoyles helped guard Castle Wyvern from Viking invasions in exchange for residence and protection during the day. In spite of their agreement, however, many of the human residents within Castle Wyvern fear and hate the gargoyles, including the Princess and her wizard Magus. Under the suggestion of The Captain of the guard, Goliath, the leader of the Gargoyles, and his second-in-command venture out to attack the viking camps before dawn. Meanwhile, three young gargoyles and hound-like gargoyle are sent to the rookery, beneath the castle, as punishment for threatening the humans.

    Goliath discovers that the trail he has been following was a decoy, but wasn't able to make it back to the castle in time. He was sent away in a plot orchestrated between the Haggon, the leader of the vikings, and The Captain to take the castle during the day. When Goliath returned to the castle the following night, he discovered that all the gargoyles but himself, his second in command, and the four sent to the rookery, were destroyed during the day by Haggon.

    Grief-striken, Goliath and the remaining Gargoyles seek out the Viking camp to save the residence of Wyvern and seek their revenge. Magus mistakenly believes that the princess has been killed, and in his anger, casts a spell upon all the gargoyles, save for Goliath. Goliath saves the princess from Haggon and the Captain and returns to a remorseful Magus who, under Goliath's orders, casts the same spell upon Goliath. The condition of the spell is that the Gargoyles shall remain cast in stone until the castle rises above the clouds.

    One thousand years later, in the 1994, billionaire playboy Xanatos reconstructs castle Wyvern atop his corporate headquarters in order to finally undo the spell that has been done upon them. Once their spell has been broken, the Gargoyles come into conflict with Xanatos, whose plans for them have been all but innocent, and soon make base in a clock tower. There, Goliath and the remaining Gargoyles decide to call themselves the Manhattan Clan and name themselves of New York City, Lexington, Bronx, Brooklyn, Broadway, and Hudson.

    Traits of Gargoyles

    • Gargoyles enter a stone sleep during the day. This regenerative state can cure almost any ailment. They also age at half the time of humans as they only "live" during part of the day.
    • Caesar Augustus had the "spell of humility" placed on Gargoyles so their clothes turned to stone when they went into their stone sleep.
    • Gargoyles mate for life and it’s very rare for a gargoyle to find a new mate even after their mate has died.
    • Gargoyles have rarely mated outside of their species and the relationship between Goliath and Elisa is rare.
    • Gargoyles and Gargoyle beasts are collectively called Gargates.
    • Gargoyles lay eggs. A female gargoyle lays one egg every twenty years. Gargoyle eggs take ten years to hatch.
    • Gargoyles raise their young collectively in rookeries and no egg knows it biological parent.
    • Gargoyle physical traits vary from clan to clan. There are several types of wings including bat like and feathery, they can have animal or human faces, and can even have hooves instead of hands or a serpent tail instead of legs.
    • Their skin tones vary greatly and they can have the following hair colours black, brown, red, white and yellow or red. One of the clones has green hair but that may be just due to the cloning process.
    • Male gargoyles eyes glow white and females red when angry.
    • A lot of Gargoyles don't have names, it was originally the custom of Gargoyles to not name their members but this custom has died in a lot of clans.
    • A typical punishment for a Gargoyle in a clan is exile.
    • Most Gargoyle clans have died during the last thousand years but the following have survived Mayan, Avalon, London, Pukhan, Xanadu, Loch ness, New Olympian and Ishimura. The Manhattan and Labyrinth Clans have just formed.

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