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Night, as well as the rain, falls down upon Manhattan's Upper West Side. The Gargoyle perches atop an outcropping, across the street from Colorito's Funeral Home. The Gargoyle breaks into Colorito's Funeral Home. Silently, the Gargoyle approaches an open casket, then begins to weep. In anguish, the Gargoyle screams out the dead woman's name, "Elaine", alerting the parlor owner to the Gargoyle's presence. The Gargoyle flees, only to be stopped by the police. The Gargoyle sweeps the patrolmen aside, and makes good on his escape. In the skies above Manhattan, the Gargoyle reflects on his circumstances.

Once, the Gargoyle had been a man, Isaac Christians, a 78 year old dabbler in the occult. To keep his father's town, Christiansboro, from collapsing into economic ruin, Christians summoned a demon, Avarrish. Christians was transformed into the Gargoyle, and placed in the service of the Six-Fingered Hand. On their behalf, the Gargoyle battled the Defenders. The Gargoyle, however switched sides, becoming a Defender, while also being cursed to be the Gargoyle forever. Now, the Gargoyle has decided to return home, to Christiansboro, little suspecting his homecoming is eagerly anticipated. The Gargoyle finds Christiansboro abandoned.

The Gargoyle enters the church to pray for salvation. The Gargoyle reflects on his past. As a boy, the Gargoyle, as Christians, accidentally killed his brother, Jeremiah, estranging him from his family. The lonely Christians was befriended by two older children, Buster Henderson and Elaine Willoughby. Christians idolized Henderson, but grew to love Willoughby. Willoughby, however, was in love with Henderson, and the two planned to marry. Christians was heartbroken. At the onset of World War I, Henderson enlisted. Christians went to profess his love to Willoughby, only to find her making love to Henderson. Shortly after, the two married.

Lying about his age, Christians also enlisted in the army. Henderson died during the war. Christians chose not to console Willoughby, instead opting to abandon Christiansboro. By the time Christians returned, Willoughby had departed. Christians, however, kept tabs on Willoughby, from afar, for the rest of her life. The Gargoyle's reverie is shattered by a bolt of lightning. Eldritch flames coalesce into a ghostly hand, that forcibly hurls the Gargoyle out of the church. The Gargoyle is set upon by creatures embodying the very concept of lust. The Gargoyle struggles mightily, but his own guilt and remorse lead him to defeat. Impossibly, the Gargoyle is confronted by Isaac Christians. The Gargoyle is led to Christians' ancestral home, where the Gargoyle is reunited with Willoughby, alive and returned to her youth.

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