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Little is known about Gargora's origin. A demon from an alternate reality who consumes souls, she at some point confronted and was banished by Klarion. Cast into his pocket, she remained for some time.


Gargora was created by Jack Kirby. She made her first appearance in The Demon #14.

Major Story Arcs

The Demon

Gargora is a nightmare beast conjured by Klarion to torment the dreams of the demon Etrigan.

Sorcerer Kings

Gargora is summoned by Morgaine and unleashed against the Justice League. She is successfully banished by Superman.


Entrapped in Klarion's pocket, Gargora is summoned from the depths by Klarion's presence and his ingestion of future technology. She pursues him and the members of his coven back into the main reality, assaulting their home until she is defeated by the combined efforts of the coven.

Powers and Abilities

Gargora is a demon who is able to consume souls to add them to her own power. She has a thousand heads, many of which are on snake bodies. She is super strong and immortal.


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