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    One of the most popular and well known cartoon cats, Garfield is a fat cat that loves to eat lasagna. He usually pranks his owner John Arbuckle and Odie the dog. He also abuses Nermal, a cat cuter than him.

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    Brief History

    Like every great lasagna, Garfield was born in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant on a winter's night in 1978, while outside snow fell like grated Parmesan cheese. He weighed five pounds, six ounces at birth, that's big for a kitten! Right from the start Garfield showed a passion for Italian food. The restaurant owner, forced to choose between Garfield and closing his doors for lack of pasta, sold Garfield to a pet store. Garfield thought he was a goner until Jon Arbuckle walked in the door. The rest is history.

    Garfield is a fat, ginger cat. He lives with his owner Jon and a dog named Odie. Garfield despises Odie and often beats him up. Garfield is most well known for his prodigious eating ability. He also has strength disproportionate to his size, as he can often beat up humans. He also has use opposable thumbs which allow him to use many gadgets such a bungee ropes. He is sometimes seen walking up walls using his claws.


    • Fur color: Orange
    • Loves: Eating, Sleeping & Lasagna
    • Hates: Mondays, Odie, Nermal, Spiders, & Raisins

    Other Media


    Garfield (2004)

    In his first live action movie, Garfield is the only animal in the movie who is entirely animated in CG, while the other animals were real with slight CG added for the speaking parts. In the comics and the cartoons, Garfield's dialoge is alway spoken within his mind yet in this movie he speaks out loud from his mouth. Despite that the film made a profit at the box office, it was panned by critics and most fans of the comic. Bill Murray who voiced the title character wasn't happy with the way the movie turn out.


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