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    Gardener is an Elder of the Universe whose obsession is cultivating beauty.

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    Gardener is an Elders of the Universe. He has existed for billions of years, obsessed with cultivating life and beauty through plants. He has incredible control over plant-life. He is generally peaceful and craves no power.

    He joined with the other Elders in a plot to kill Galactus. With his power he was able to capture a spying Mantis, having even greater power than she at controlling plants. He assisted in kidnapping Shalla Bal to tempt the Silver Surfer to stay out of their way. In the process he obtained the time gem, one of the Infinity Gems. This was his true goal all along. Galactus defeated them with some help and as punishment he was consumed by Galactus. But he had been barred from Death's realm and could not die. The consumed Elders attacked Galactus from the inside, making him very ill. Gardener was released by Master Order and Lord Chaos of the Magick Realm. He helped to assist Galactus in defeating the In-Betweener.

    He left the battle to live a peaceful life gardening with the assistance of his time gem. He was able to make the plants grow much faster and stop them in time at the height of their beauty.

    During Thanos Quest, he was sought out for the Time gem. Although Gardener knew he was no match for Thanos he still resisted giving him the gem. He used his plants to attack but it was useless. At the time of the conflict, Gardener was unaware of the full power of the Time gem. Thanos used his power gem to power Gardener's plants passed his own control. Gardener was left seemingly dead by Thanos, with plants growing out of every part of his body.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 7'1"
    • Weight: 390 lbs.
    • Eyes: Purple
    • Hair: Grey

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