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It is unknown how or why Garbagemouth is the villain he is but one thing is for certain, he has a strong dislike for the Flaming Carrot and will do anything in his power to stop him.


Garbagemouth was created by Bob Burden to appear in the relaunch of the Flaming Carrot. He made his debut in Flaming Carrot Comics #1 - Flaming Carrot Goes PC!

Major Story Arcs

Flaming Carrot Goes PC

Garbagemouth appeared alongside his zombie partner, Bambo, attacking the Flaming Carrot. He taunted the Flaming Carrot and his silly weapon, the baloney gun, making remarks about how it'd be impossible to harm someone with it.

Unfortunately for Garbagemouth, Flaming Carrot found a way to make his toy weapon incredibly lethal as he fired an entire tube of baloney into Garbagemouth's mouth, thus killing him. When the authorities were inspecting his body they found that he was so full of baloney that it had begun seeping out of his ears.

Powers & Abilities

Garbagemouth has no powers; however, he is able to fire incredibly sharp razor discs out of the battle suit he wears.


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