Garbage Man

    Character » Garbage Man appears in 13 issues.

    Former attorney for a powerful law firm transformed into hideous creature.

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    Richard Morse was attorney for a law firm in Gotham City. When he found that there's something wrong with the Titan Account, his boss Mr. Haden sent him on a special assignment to see what was going on at Titan. Upon meeting Dr. Clive, Richard was drugged and experimented on. It turned out Mr. Haden knew what was happening at Titan and needed Richard silenced.

    Dr. Clive thought that the experiment was a failure so he destroyed the lab and all the personal to keep them quiet, but Richard didn't die. A chemical reaction from the drugs that the doctor had ejected him with and the chemical in the swamp around had made him into something inhuman.


    Garbage Man was created by Aaron Lopresti for the Weird Worlds series.

    Major Story Arc

    My Greatest Adventure

    Richard makes it back to Gotham City and finds his new friend the Reverend living in the sewers. The Reverend helps Richard make contact with Samantha, but she is frightened by his new appearance and runs away. This is what alerts Batman to Richard, and the two fight before Batman realizes Richard isn't the villain.

    Richard then goes back into the sewer where he tries to help anther Homeless man that had also been experimented on by Titan. He can't help the man and the man commits suicide. Samantha comes back to Richard and with the help of Batman they are able to take down Ivan, the head of Titan.

    Richard also learns his human Body is gone and his soul/consciousness is now the Garbage Man.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Regeneration and super human strength
    • Toxic skin

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