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The Gantz suit was given to mankind by a highly advance alien race in preparation for an massive invasion of Earth by the alien's greatest foe.


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The Gantz suit is an all black skin tight suit, that covers the users entire body except for his or hers face and hair. The Suit has two parts to it; the top part of the suit covers the entire back of the neck, under the chin,and majority of the user's upper body. The bottom part of the suit covers the users lower body, starting from the bottom of his or hers chest all the way down to his or here feet. The suit also has several blue buttons that connects the top and bottom part an are considered to be the suit's source of power. The buttons can be found on the back of the neck, around the wrists, in the middle of each arm. The suit also comes with a pair of gloves, and shoes.

The size of the suit often varies on the user of the suit. The suit are custom made for the each of the designated members of the Gantz Team, even being able to suit animals.


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The suit primary functions is to increase the user's physical strength and act as armor. When the user of the suit is using it to its full capacity the entire suit becomes full with thick veins.

Strength - By increasing the user's strength the suit allows the user to run at the incredible speed, jump to amazing heights ,and pack a really good punch.

Armor - The Suit can protect the user against virtually all blunt force attack and even bullets.


The suit has several exploitable weakness.

Weakness Includes:

  • Acid: The suit has shown absolutely no resistance against acid based attack.
  • Lasers: The suit can be pierced by compressed laser beams.
  • Explosions: The suit user can be harmed if caught in an explosion.
  • Over Using Suit: If the user constantly uses his or her suit the suit will start to leak a strange blue liquid; that is assumed to be the source of the suit power, when the liquid is gone the suit is just a suit with out any power.


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