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    Team » Gantz Hunters appears in 13 issues.

    A team of deceased people reincarnated by unknown means to hunt aliens hidden about the world.

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    The Gantz Hunters are typical people selected upon death at random by Gantz. They are to hunt deadly aliens hidden through out the world in various forms. So far they have found aliens posing as statues and dinosaurs in a museum. Most aliens are also invisible like the Gantz Hunters were until the rise of the Oni/Demon Aliens. The story mainly revolves around the Tokyo Hunters led by Kei during phase one and Kato during phase two. They are two other known teams located in Germany, and Osaka/Japan. The Osaka Team has met the Tokyo Team in facing a new breed of aliens unlike any faced before.

    List of targets and their Gantz Hunters

     The Onion Aliens

    Nishi, Kurono, Kato, Kishimoto, Dog, Teacher, Blond Teen, Yakuza A, Yakuza B, and a Politician.

    The Tanaka Aliens

    Nishi, Kurono, Kato, Kishimoto, Dog, Masanobu, His stalker, four bikers, a grandma and her grandson.

    The Buddist Temple Aliens

    Kurono, Kato, Kishimoto, Dog, Sei, a sniper, a fat trigger happy guy, a karate guy, a priest, and four others

    The Shorty Aliens

    Kurono, since everyone from the last mission was killed(but no new comers for some reason)

    The Kappe Aliens

    Kurono,Shion,Reika,Hiroto,Kenzo,Inaba,Kaze,Hoi Hoi,Sumiko and bunch of people killed by Shion in the Shinjuku Massacre.

    The Ring Aliens

    Kurono,Shion,Reika,Hiroto,Kenzo,Inaba,Kaze,HoiHoi,Ayaka, Ueda,and a bunch of rapists that got Ayaka killed

    Tae Mission

    Kurono,Shion,Reika,Yoshi,Hiroto,Kenzo,Inaba,Kaze,HoiHoi,Ayaka,four rapists

    Oni Aliens
    Kurono,Shion,Reika,Yoshi,Hiroto,Kenzo,Inaba,Kaze,HoiHoi,Ayaka,Nagashima,four rapists,three businessmen
    Nurarihyon/Yokai Aliens
    TokyoTeamMasaruKato(revived)Reika,Yoshi,Hiroto,Kenzo,Inaba,Kaze,HoiHoi,Hikawa,Chiaki,Takeshi,Nishi Joichiro(revived),
    Osaka Team-Oka,Anzu,George,Kazuo,Sadist Trio,Nakayami,Yamada,Hanaki
    Italy Mission
    Kurono,Kato,Reika,Yoshi,Hiroto,Inaba,Kaze,Hikawa,Chiaki,Takeshi,Nishi,K2(Kurono Copy)

    The Hunters and Gantz

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    Gantz is an enigmatic being only known as the black ball by many and speaks to the hunters through a leet language where it replaces letters with numbers and symbols. There is a man within the ball but it is unsure whether this man is Gantz or a pawn used to communicate to the hunters. Gantz always lets new comers know their lives are his to use. Gantz also gives limited information on the alien target. Out of all the missions so far only once has he shown the actual boss. This may go with the fact that Gantz isn't perfect and creating a copy of a person that didn't fully die i.e Kei Kishimoto. Gantz also has all the equipment prepared for the hunters no matter their numbers. Gantz also began singling out Kei Kurono on certain missions likely as the strongest of the hunters. Gantz is able to transport the hunters likely anywhere in Tokyo and even far as Osaka in the latest mission. Gantz also implants bombs into every being human or not that enters the room. There also seems to be no harming Gantz or the person within. Although it can be touched which may be due to a controllable barrier of some kind. Overall Gantz remains mysterious to all but seems to have good intentions in ridding the world of hostile aliens hiding among mankind and giving certain people a second chance at life whenever not fighting for their lives.

    Gantz Arsenal

    Gantz supplies the hunters with various tools to combat the aliens. There is the X-Gun,named due to the barrells giving off an X like shape. It has two triggers one to lock on and other to fire. There is a minute time lag from when the gun is fired. Although nothing is safe from its impact. If anything is hit it will explode or be ravaged to some degree. This is a primary weapon for most new hunters. The Y-Gun is used to capture the target then teleport them away. There is also the X-Shotgun for distance covering and sniping experts. It also has a time lag. So far only Togo Jyuzo has used this weapon to kill off idle Buddha Aliens. The hunters also receive a couple of Radars to track their enemies. It also be switched to a mode to distinguish other hunters as well. Nishi, Shion,and Kei are the only ones that have discovered means to turn invisible using a certain frequency on the Radar. This can be life saving unless facing an alien with the ability to see body heat. There is also the Gantz Extension Sword primarily used by Shion,Kurono and Kato. This weapon can cut through nearly anything even the Power Suit of the hunters. It can also shoot out(think Jin's sword from Bleach)a few yards. There are also the stronger weapons to pick from in gaining the necessary 100 points. So far the H-Gun has been revealed by the chaotic Osaka Hunters. The H-Gun emits tremendous gravity that smashes any opponent to the ground. Even if the target is aerial they are brought back down and crushed upon the surface.

    The Gantz Suit
    The Gantz Suit
    Power Suit

    The Power Suit is very essential to all except Kei Kurono it seems. It is a skin tight suit modified to fit each person to a 'T'. Despite the discomfort the individual gains limited invincibility. Kei has been seen taking punches and kicks with no harm done. He is took straight shots from a gun to the face which is uncovered by the suit. The owner also gain superhuman might when they get a rush of adrenaline. The only person that doesn't use the might of the suit is Kaze Daizaemon as he already has unparalleled might for a human. The suit does have a draw back. After too much damage from strong forces the caps on the suits shatter to release a blue substance that is likely essential to the suits abilities.

    The Advanced Gantz Suit

    There is also a more advance suit currently owned by a single hunter on the Osaka Team. This suit covers the entire body and is very muscular with multiple tentacles flying about. It seems far superior than the regular suits as the owner was able to pummel an alien boss that none could even harm. The suit has large gorilla like arms and the tentacle allow jacking into technology. Oka Hachirou is the legendary hunter and only person that wields this suit. It is likely needed to control the Gantz Mecha due to the loose cables being connected to the suit.

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    The MonoCycle

    This was discovered in the Kappe Alien Mission. It is a one seater but someone can ride at the rear. The bike can move at great speed out manuevering anything in pursuit so far. It also has a ring that allows it to take flight later on in the story.

    The Gantz Mecha

    It is a huge machine(I mean Devastator Transformer Revenge of the Fallen) offered to hunters that have accumilitaed at least 700 points on missions. The hunter must posess the Advanced Gantz Suit to operate this machine. It used to face larger than life aliens. The machine even has a stealth mode that may be incorporated from the Advance Gantz Suit. 


    Other Media

    Gantz Live-Action 
    A live action adaptation of the anime and mange series.

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