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    A member of the Imperial Knights during the Legacy era.

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    Ganner Krieg was a Human male who served Roan Fel’s Imperial Empire during the Second Imperial Civil War. He served as an Imperial Knight at the level of Master and was one of Fel’s most trusted warriors.


    Bastion and Vendaxa

    Krieg, along with Antares Draco and Sigel Dare, escort Roan Fel as he retakes Bastion from Darth Krayt. After the planet is secure, He is in a private meeting with Fel and Draco about rescuing Fel’s daughter, Marasiah Fel, because she is being pursued by the Sith. Fel expressly forbids the rescue of his daughter because it would give away the fact that they have taken Bastion and they are not quite prepared for a fight. After Fel leaves Draco convinces Krieg to go with him to rescue Marasiah anyways.

    Ganner, Antares, and Emperor Fel.
    Ganner, Antares, and Emperor Fel.

    They fly to Vendaxa but are shot down by Sith, but they eject right before they crash into the ground, causing the ship chasing them to crash as well. They get to the ground and protect Marasiah from the approaching Darth Talon and then a fight breaks out between the Sith forces, the Imperial Knights, the crew of the Mynock, and two Jedi. When Marasiah receives a life threatening injury, Ganner fights his way over with Antares and they bring her aboard the Mynock and escape. Antares and the Jedi, Wolf Sazen and Shado Vao, try to heal her but they can’t. When Draco starts a fight with Cade Skywalker and Vao, Krieg backs him up but the situation is defused by Vao’s sister, the Imperial Missionary, Astraal Vao.

    After the Mynock returns to Bastion, the Emperor yells at Krieg and Draco because they disobeyed him. Fel retroactively approves of the mission because they are the only three that know it the two disobeyed. The move is purely political and gives Fel the excuse to send the two on dangerous missions as punishment because now they are ‘Heroes of the Empire.’

    The Wheel

    Their first mission is to escort an Imperial Captain to the place known as The Wheel, a space station that is neutral grounds for all parties, for peace talks with Admiral Gar Stazi of the Galactic Alliance Remnant to try and broker peace. Krieg is forced to stay outside of the conference room with Draco and they keep a watch on the Stazi’s guards and they both smuggled their lightsabers on to the station. When the peace talks end due to sabotage by Sith Imperial agents, Ganner holds off Stazi’s guards, who smuggled blasters on board, while Antares gets the Captain. The two try to escort the ambassador out but they are stopped by The Wheel’s security forces and get the Imperial forces banished from The Wheel for bringing weapons and getting blamed for the sabotage.

    The Hidden Temple

    Ganner, Marasiah Fel, and Antares at the Jedi Temple.
    Ganner, Marasiah Fel, and Antares at the Jedi Temple.

    When Azlyn Rae tracks down Cade and learns of the Hidden Temple of Jedi, Ganner, along with Marasiah and Antares are sent to follow to be ambassadors. On the way there he wonders if Rae would have conflicting loyalties because she used to be a Jedi before she became an Imperial Knight but Marasiah reassures him that Rae is loyal to the Empire. When they land they announce themselves as friends but they are attacked by Cade and Shado because not only did they sneak in but Krieg and Draco have their lightsabers lit to defend Marasiah from attack. He engages Shado and wonders if this is how the Jedi treat all visitors before he is Force Pushed into Draco by Cade. Krieg is present but silent during Cade’s attempt to convince the Jedi Council to assassinate Darth Krayt. Once the meeting is over he voices his support of Cade’s plan. When the Jedi do not support the plan, the Imperials do and he along with the other Imperials, Vao, Sazen and the crew of the Mynock, go off to kill Krayt.

    The Assassination of Darth Krayt

    During the trip to Had Abbadon, Krieg and Draco watch Vao train his lightsaber skills and notes that the Jedi they have seen are good with a lightsaber but Draco says that they are better and he agrees because they are Imperial Knights. When the Mynock is taken aboard an abandoned Star Destroyer by Celeste Morne, He and Draco go off in search of clues and find bones that have been gnawed on and they all feel a darkness in the Force on the ship. Ganner helps the others fight Rakghouls in the hanger while they try to rescue Cade and Azlyn Rae.

    Once they reach Had Abbadon, he and Draco pilot TIE Predators and chase Vao through the skies in a ruse to bring them close to the hanger but attack the hanger instead, clearing the way for the Mynock to land. Ganner asks Antares if it is right to kill fellow Imperials but Draco retorts by saying that they are no longer Imperials, just enemies. They land and meet up with the others and he speaks with Azlyn and they admit that they have feelings for each other but Azlyn claims that they cannot be together because of their duty to the Empire. Draco interrupts and tells them that they are to bring the Muur Talisman to Bastion after they are done. Azlyn disagrees with this and they argue before she storms off. Draco comments that she has had divided loyalties since coming into contact with the Jedi and if it becomes a problem that he might have to kill her. Ganner instantly replies that Draco would have to kill him first and reminds his fellow knight that their duty is to serve the Emperor only as long as he serves the Light Side of the Force and if he turns to the Dark Side they either bring him back or kill him. This indirectly implies that Ganner believes the Emperor is walking a fine line because the Muur Talisman is a powerful Dark Side artifact.

    Ganner fighting rakghouls alongside Azyln Rae.
    Ganner fighting rakghouls alongside Azyln Rae.

    Ganner joins the attack on Krayt and his immediate underlings and fight his way to Azlyn with Draco. When Draco starts to go after the Talisman, Azlyn tries to stop him, claiming Krayt is the real objective, and he Force Pushes her away but before he can do anything more. Krieg steps in and stops him saying that he and Azlyn will go after Krayt and Draco can go after the Talisman. The pair gets surrounded by Rakghouls and Krieg holds them off, allowing Azlyn to attack Krayt from behind. When Celeste Morne is overtaken by the Talisman and attacks both Krayt and Azlyn, her Force power is so strong that Krieg cannot get near enough to stop her and is blasted away. When the battle is over, Azlyn is near death and Cade’s healing power is all that is keeping her alive. Ganner tries to go with them but is stopped by Vao and Draco convinces him to go back to Bastion to tell the Emperor what happened because it is their duty and Ganner reluctantly agrees.

    After they return to Bastion, in a meeting with Roan Fel, Sigel Dare, and Antares Draco, Ganner tries to convince Fel that it was a good thing that the Talisman was destroyed but the Emperor disagrees and sends him to Kiffex to retrieve Azlyn. Several days later when he arrives, he finds that Azlyn has been put into a life support suit similar to Darth Vader’s and takes her home, to Bastion.


    After some time back on bastion Ganner trains with Azlyn to test her new armor, which is much less Vader-like, and they are observed by Draco, Emperor Fel, and the armor’s creator Hogrum Chalk. After this he accompanies a contingent of Imperial Knights to escort Emperor Fel to a secret meeting with the Jedi on the planet Agamar. When Nyna Calixte arrives unannounced, Ganner shoots at her. She evades injury and warns the gathered parties of an imminent Sith attack but it is too late as the ambush starts immediately after wards. Along with Draco and Treis Sinde, Krieg defends the Emperor and escorts him to a shuttle but before Marasiah and Azlyn can arrive they are forced to leave and they head back to Bastion

    Ganner, alongside Shado Vao and Antares Draco, going undercover to the Sith Temple.
    Ganner, alongside Shado Vao and Antares Draco, going undercover to the Sith Temple.

    When Azlyn and Jedi Master Rasi Tuum return to Bastion in a damaged ship without Princess Marasiah, Antares is furious and Ganner helps calm him down and they come up with a plan. Draco dresses up like a Sith and brings Shado Vao and Krieg to Korriban as prisoners and the trio tricks their way in when Draco claims he must torture the others and they are let into the building where Marasiah is being held. When they find her, they break free and attack the Sith guards and free her. They fight their way out and Krieg is able to clear a way to the ship but with more Sith incoming, Draco orders them onto the ship as he stays behind and after saying good bye, Krieg has to drag the princess away. When Draco is captured and tortured by the hand of Darth Havok, Krieg can feel it through the Force.

    Assault on the Hidden Temple

    When the group returns to Bastion, they hold a funeral for all who died on Agamar and for Draco who they believe to be dead. When the Sith attack the Hidden Temple of the Jedi on Taivas, Ganner and a contingent of Imperial Knights are on the ground, helping to defend the temple where he fights alongside Azlyn, killing many Sith and destroying several vehicles. When the Sith Troopers enter the fight, the surviving Knights and Jedi fall back to the Jedi Council’s chamber and they begin to get overwhelmed Jedi Master T’ra Saa and Bantha Rawk sacrifice themselves to allow the starships that compose the Hidden Temple to escape and Ganner is on one of the ships and they all retreat to Bastion.

    The Battle of Coruscant

    During the Battle of Coruscant, the last battle of the war, Krieg is on the Imperial flagship, the Star Destroyer Jagged Fel, and congratulates Draco about getting his armor back after he lost it when the Sith tortured and broke him, but Draco rejects the sentiments saying that it is a lie. Krieg counters this by saying that even the Emperor himself said that anyone can be broken therefore it is nothing to be ashamed of and that they are Imperial Knights and there are none better. Krieg is then sent with several Imperial Knights and several Jedi along with the crew of the Mynock for one last attempt to kill Darth Krayt. He travels with Master Wolf Sazen to destroy computers that control the planet’s orbital defense system; then he along with Sigel Dare and another Imperial Knight fight Sith minions outside of the throne room to try and buy Cade and the others time to kill the Sith higher-ups and when Dare is wounded, he goes to her aid. After the battle he attends the funeral of Emperor Fel.


    Ganner Krieg was a very loyal Imperial Knight who held his oath but also greatly valued friendship and trust. He was willing to go against direct orders from the Emperor to rescue his daughter who was a close friend. Along with Marasiah, he was good friends with Sigel Dare and best friends with Antares Draco. He and Azlyn Rae both had romantic feelings towards each other but Rae claimed that their duty would keep them apart and Krieg questioned what his duty actually was.

    Ganner had a very calm and quiet personality that was in direct contrast to his friend Antares Draco and he was able to help his passionate friend come out of a dark time when others doubted him. He also viewed his oath to the Imperial Knights very strictly believing that the Empire was personified through the Emperor as long as he served the Light Side of the Force and it was the Force who was ultimately served through his service as an Imperial Knight.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ganner fighting Sith forces.
    Ganner fighting Sith forces.

    Ganner was a Force sensitive human male who was in peak physical condition. He was also an Imperial Knight at the Master Level, touted as the best of the Knights alongside Antares Draco. He had advanced lightsaber combat skills that let him survive many battles against many Sith. He also was a decent shot with a blaster rifle.


    Like all Imperial Knights he had a silver-grey lightsaber and red Imperial armor. The armor is fashioned after Darth Vader's armor and contains cortosis weaved into their gauntlets to allow defense against lightsaber strikes. Ganner has been trained to fight with the armor for any circumstance.


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