Ganke Lee

    Character » Ganke Lee appears in 225 issues.

    Ganke is Miles Morales' best friend and is the first person that Miles confides his secret in. He helps Miles in understanding his new found abilities and even points out how similar they seem to Spider-Man's.

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    Ganke is a friend of Miles.

    Character Creation

    Ganke was created by Brian Michael Bendis.

    Major Story Arcs

    After Miles was bitten by the spider at his uncle Aaron's apartment, he runs to Ganke's house because he believes Ganke can figure out what is happening to him. Miles makes him promise that what he is about to show him must never be talked about outside this room. After Ganke promises Miles tells him to prepare to be freaked out like you never been freaked out before. Ganke asks him to not pull down his pants. Trying to turn invisible again, Miles stands in Ganke's room concentrating immensely. Ganke asks him if he is trying to take a dump. Since Miles could not activate his camouflage ability he decides to show off his spider-sense by striking Ganke's LEGOs. Saddened more than impressed, Ganke asks Miles to try it on something that he hasn't been working on for three weeks.

    Later that same night, Ganke sends Miles a text. Ganke tells him that he is not a mutant and that the abilities he displayed a very similar to ones that different spiders have. Miles asks Ganke what he's talking about and Ganke explains how Spider-Man was bitten by a spider too and then sends him a link to a article written by Ben Ulrich titled 'Spider-Man Myth Busted'. Miles reads through the article and is shocked. Ganke proceeds to apologize for him not being a mutant and then asks him if he is Spider-Man.


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