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    Jose Delgado started with the identity of Gangbuster to stop the gangs from controlling his neighborhood, at first he used non-lethal ways to fight the gangs and criminals.

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    School-teacher Jose Delgado donned a suit of Kevlar body armor and riot helmet and took to the streets as a vigilante to break up the street gangs terrorizing Suicide Slum. Although he has no metahuman powers, he was once a Golden Gloves boxing champion. When his fists aren't enough, he uses various weapons to fight criminals.

    He suffered a spinal cord injury while saving Lois Lane against a creature called Combattor (Adventures of Superman #437). He received an implant which enabled him to walk. The implant was Lex Corp technology and enabled Lex Luthor to control Delgado through it. He later altered the implant to regain control of himself.

    He would return sporadically until he was forced out of retirement by the kidnapping of Tarot. His new armor was updated with a portable arsenal of non- lethal weaponry. He broke into the castle which held Tarot with the help of Hawkman. This was the headquarters of Despero, Morgan Le Fey and Enigma. They rescued Tarot from three stone monsters during their adventure.

    Gangbuster teamed with Dr. Light to rescue Lana Lang who is possessed by the Insect Queen. The two heroes discover an object in a crater later on and while investigating the object are attacked by a Bizzarro Supergirl. The Bizzarro Supergirl attacks the duo and are held hostage until the real Supergirl shows up and is able to defeat her.

    His weapons include Nunchakus, A pair of Colt M1911's and a MAC-10.


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