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    They come form planet Gand  a world isolate in the Outer Rim composed of an ammonia atmosphere. For this reason they have to wear protective breathing masks in other atmospheres, oxygen is poisonous to them and burns their lungs if inhaled.
    Their idiom Gand. 
    Their skins vary from brown to green. They have exoskeletons and three fingers on each hand. 
    They can live around 61 years.  
    They make their trades in space stations, despite this, they're considered xenophobic. 
    During the Galactic Civil War they didn't involved. 
    Important Gand were Ooryl Qrygg, a pilot for Rogue Squadron. Vaabesh was a Commander of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Tyffix, a Jedi Master served a General for the Republic. And of course the bounty hunter turned Jedi, Zuckuss.

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