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Gamraj requested his father, Yamraj, to permit him to live on earth with normal people and help them in their need. His father allowed him to go to earth, but also sent a buffalo named Yamunda, along with Gamraj. Yamunda is the son of Yamraj`s own buffalo and has divine powers, like disappearing and reappearing when Gamraj calls him. Yamunda also possesses the ability to transform into any vehicle he desires.

Upon coming to earth, Gamraj met with Shankalu, who lives with his wife named Ratalu. The couple has 12 children who help Gamraj in solving the various problems of different people, as well as their own. Yamunda also serves as the ride fro the family of Shankalu. Gamraj is a gawky, tall and slim teenager who always lands up in various problems. He prefers laughing his troubles away. Gamraj usually wears a yellow T-shirt and blue jeans. In each issue, Gamraj encounters various weird characters that end up creating hilarious comic situations, entangled with suspense and thrills. He is always seen helping the down trodden and the poor.

Gamraj does not possess any super powers as such, but his pet young buffalo, Yamunda is bequeathed with the heavenly powers. Yamunda can transform into anything that Gamraj desires. Yamunda has been gifted to Gamraj by the Gods and is a sign of apology for their blunders. Gamraj has many friends and allies on earth. Amongst them the Shankalu family ids the closest and Yamunda is his pet and friend. Some of the most prominent characters in the Gamraj series are


He is a buffalo and the son of Yamraj`s mount buffallo. Yamunda is a bull buffalo who can transform into different things. He has a cheerful nature and creates many funny moments in the series. The bull has a cheerful nature and shares many jokes. Yamunda helps Gamraj deal with troubles by utilising his horns.


He is a friend of Gamraj and a person who doubts everything. Shankalu is a calm person who is married to an aggressive woman and has a dozen noisy children. Shankalu lives in poverty and the sole valuable thing he has is his close friendship with Gamraj.


Yamraj, also known as Lord Yama, is the Lord of Death and the father of Gamraj.


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