Team » Gamorreans appears in 104 issues.

    They provided security and protection for Jabba the Hutt.

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    They come from planet Gamorr.

    The speak Gamorrese.

    Their skin is green.

    Are porcine humanoids.

    They're seen as mindless and intellectually inferior beings.

    With the age of three depending of the gender they began especific training. At the age of 13 they're considered adults and ready for war. They can live up to 45 years but they're so violent they normally live less time.

    Their society is ruled by clans and led by a male warlord. They live in fortresses that vary in size.

    They're good in combat hand to hand, however, they use weapons as vibro-axes and armors M'uhk"gfa. The armors were made of metal scrap.

    When the first traders arrived to Gamorr, five Gamorr clans fought to have the right to get first to their spaceship.

    They were very useful as guards and bodyguards of criminal lords like Jabba the Hutt.

    A famous Gamorrean was a Dark Sith call Gorc, who was under the command of Sith Inquisitor Jerec.

    Gardulla the Hutt had around 40 Gamorrean guards.

    A famous Gamorrean was Voort "Piggy" Sabinring who served as a rebel pilot for the Wraith Squadron.


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