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The original group named Gamma Flight was never shown in action, but mentioned several times by its former members and their allies. Images depicting the first team’s roster can be found in Alpha Flight (1st series) #1 and #51-52. The second incarnation of Gamma Flight first made their appearance in Alpha Flight (1st series) #1. Both teams were created by artist and writer John Byrne. The third team was showcased in Alpha Flight vol. 1 #76 (1989) and was created by James D. Hudnall.


Original Lineup

Maddison Jeffries, Smart Alec, & Wildchild
Maddison Jeffries, Smart Alec, & Wildchild

The Canadian government would organize and create Department H, a dream project of James MacDonald Hudson. Two others instrumental members of the project and in the formation of Department H were Gary Cody and General Jeremy Clarke. Gary Cody was the program’s very first government liaison and even though Gary believed in the concept and the individuals of the super-beings found by James Hudson he was bound by his obligations to the Canadian government.

They would create a branch of teams depending on the super-beings level of powers and ranking of training. Thereby Alpha Flight, Beta Flight, and lastly Gamma Flight would be created and teamed by individuals specifically separated by how prepared they would be as operatives of the government and Alpha would be he premiere team to represent Canada.

Gamma Flight’s various members were training both individually and as a team to condition and prepare their unique powers into a tight unit which would eventually graduate into Alpha Flight. However after much deliberation with the Canadian Prime Minister he would shut down the entire Flight program due to budget constraints. Alpha Flight had made their public debut only several weeks before but, during their first battles, they had caused damages amounting to several million dollars. As a result, the parliament felt that super heroes were a concept which the government could no longer afford due to its liability and the project was shut down and its members dispersed.

The original roster would include: Diamond Lil, Smart Alec, Wild Child and Madison Jeffries. Marrina was also a member for a brief time of Gamma Flight while in training.

Second Lineup

Nemesis, Wildchild, Witchfire, Auric & Silver
Nemesis, Wildchild, Witchfire, Auric & Silver

Some time later as Alpha Flight left the sanctioning of the Canadian government, the government decided to recreate Gamma Flight. Enlisting new members into their reformed Gamma Flight they would be used to create a new premiere Canadian team. After Alpha Flight disappeared for several months due to exploits in several dimensions, the newly created Gamma Flight was the official replacement team by Parliament. This team included: Auric, Witchfire, Silver, Nemesis, and Gamma Flight return member Wild Child.

The second Gamma Flight and Alpha Flight first met, they were in conflict; their relationship was competitive and adversarial. The two teams became allies while battling Llan the Sorcerer. However after backing Alpha Flight during a war against Llan the Sorcerer this newly created Gamma Flight was reduced as a training team yet again by the Canadian government. After Llan was defeated the Canadian government decided to finally disband Gamma Flight in a merger with Department H and Alpha Flight with many members leaving as government sanctioned operatives.

The members of this second incarnation did not fare well after they left the team. Auric and Silver would later be kidnapped by the Sphinx, and they both died while being experimented on. Nemesis would also perish as she remembered she came from an erased timeline. Along with her lover Centennial both died shortly after they were buried together. And Witchfire would take accept her heritage as daughter of Belasco, a sorcerer who formerly ruled the dimension Limbo. Witchfire becoming evil herself and battling the X-Men.

Third Lineup

A third Gamma Flight arose under the new program operated by Department H. Gamma Flight is a categorization for the science & research inclined members of Alpha Flight.

Gamma Flight Space Program

With Alpha Flight now a part of SWORD, a new Gamma Flight was stationed in space. The members are Puck, Sasquatch, Absorbing Man & Titania, and they formed when a number of deaths and resurrections made the Devil Hulk personality as the dominant one.


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