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    Giant firebreathing turtle who protects the earth from threats, both alien and domestic.

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    Origin of Gamera

    Gamera is an gigantic beast, similar to a turtle, who had been frozen into cryogenic suspension millions of years ago until he was awakened when some American bombers drop a bomb on his resting place. Upon awakening, Gamera headed to Japan, where he wreaked havoc; scientists used his appetite for fire to lure him into a rocket and blast him into outer space.

    Gamera's first movie was in black & white; in the American version of this first film, his name was spelled with 2 M's.

    Gamera's First Battle

    Gamera somehow escaped his imprisonment in the rocket and returned to earth. Soon, a new monster by the name of Barugon appeared. Barugon was able to "quick freeze" almost anything and blanketed the area around him in ice and snow. He also projected a rainbow beam from the spines along his back. Gamera was attracted to the energy released by Barugon's rainbow beam and attempted to feed on it. Barugon used Gamera's weakness to extremely low temperatures to apparently kill him, but Gamera was not truly dead and recovered to fight Barugon once more. This time Gamera used his foe's vulnerability to water to send him to a watery grave.

    Gamera's Mid-Air Fight

    In Japan, a volcano's eruption released the bat-like monster Gyaos, a gigantic creature who fed on blood and could slice through almost anything with his "super-sonic ray" scream. Gyaos began eating people, but when he tried eating a young boy, he was fended off by Gamera, whom he injured in the process. After recovering from the battle, Gyaos went on to eat some cows, further causing problems for the local Japanese populace. Soon after, people realized that Gyaos only attacked at night. Believing Gyaos didn't like bright light ,the Japanese people try to fight him with bright flares. Their attack proved unsuccessful, but Gamera came to the rescue again. Another plan was devised to defeat the monster by using artificial blood to lure it onto a gradually spinning platform which would render Gyaos so dizzy he would be unable to fly away before the sun came up. Their plan again was a failure, but hope was not lost: the youg boy rescued by Gamera suggest they set the forest on fire to drive Gyaos out. Once the forest was lit, Gyaos appeared, and shortly after, Gamera arrived as well. After a great fight, Gamera forced Gyaos to remain even after the sun rose, then dragged the weakened monster into a volcano, killing him.

    Gamera against Viras

    Extraterrestrial invaders attempted to attack Earth, but Gamera stopped their attack, after which the heroic turtle monster went to rest at the bottom of the ocean. The aliens returned, and this time, they trapped Gamera and two young boys. Gamera rescued the boys and freed himself, but the aliens discovered from this that Gamera's most exploitable weakness is his desire to save children. The aliens took the boys captive and threatened to kill them if Gamera wouldn't obey their commands. Gamera caused some destruction while under the alien's control, but he was eventually freed by the brave young boys when they sabotaged the inside of the spaceship. Once he was no longer under the alien's control Gamera battled and killed the squid-like monster Viras, leader of the invaders, after Viras first absorbed the essences of every alien aboard the ship and grew greater in size than even Gamera and then attempted to kill Gamera by impaling him with the sharp point of Viras' head.

    Attack of the Monsters

    After Gamera's battle with Viras, he returned to outer space for awhile. Later on, two boys named Tom and Akio explored an alien spaceship which suddenly activated and carried them away to Tera, a planet in the same orbit as the Earth but directly opposite from it (so that the sun is always midway between Earth and Tera). Sensing the boys were in danger, Gamera came to rescue them from a giant meteor heading straight for the ship. He then tried to warn them they were in danger, but their ship was too fast even for him to keep up. Sometime afterward, Gamera arrived on the planet where Tom and Akio had landed. On the planet, he fought their evil guardian monster Guiron and was defeated and seemingly killed. But Gamera wasn't dead, and he revived just in time to save the boys and kill Guiron. After killing Guiron, he repaired Tom and Akio's ship and flew them back to earth.

    Gamera's Other Battles

    Gamera has fought other monster including Zigra,Irys, Zedus and Jiger.

    Gamera Heisei

    Gamera was rebooted for the Heisei Gamera trilogy.

    Gamera's New Appearance
    Gamera's New Appearance

    Ten thousand years ago a civilization known as Atlantis had technology that no civilization back then and even now could match. To show their power in the scientific field they created giant flying reptiles known as the Gyaos. These creatures were created to absorb pollution. Over time the Gyaos became stronger due to absorbing the pollution. They eventually became too powerful for the Atlantians to control so they created a species of giant turtle the Gamera to protect them from the Gyaos. eventually Atlantis was destroyed. One Gamera was persevered though so that if the Gyaos were to come back the next civilization had a protector to fight the Gyaos.

    In 1995 an atoll was found near Japan. Multiple scientists went to the atoll to investigate. There were several small stones and a slab with an ancient language engraved on it. It was decoded and mentioned Gamera the guardian and the Gyaos the shadow of evil. Suddenly the atoll began to shake. The slab was destroyed in the process and the scientists were thrown off the atoll. One of them saw an eye and a tusk.

    Elsewhere three Gyaos were lured and trapped in baseball field. One of the Gyaos escaped and was killed by Gamera. Gamera then walked onto land moving towards the stadium. The other Gyaos escaped and Gamera left to rest.

    One of the the stones(in actuality amulets) was given to a girl named Asagi Kusanagi. The young girl realized that with the stone she is connected to Gamera. She gives him power he needs to fight the horrors he while later face.

    The Gyaos found a placethe Kiso mountain range) to rest and feed until they were ready to fight Gamera. Gamera found them and killed one, but one survived. Gamera chased after the Gyaos, but the Japanese military attacked him before he could catch the bird demon. Gamera escaped and searched for refuge.

    The final Gyaos grew evolved into a bigger Gyaos, a Super Gyaos. This Super Gyaos perched itself on Tokyo Tower. Gamera dug its way to the Gyaos, then the two beasts began to fight. Eventually Gamera defeated the beast.

    A new threat rose the space creature called the Legion(named after the demon from the Bible). Gamera arrived in Japan where a group of alien insects had built a nest. Gamera attacked the Symbiotic Flower(and destroyed it), but he was attacked by the colony. They swarmed him and covered his whole body. Gamera fell over, before the creatures could harm Gamera any more they were distracted by a power transformer. Gamera awoke and left the area.


    The Legion continued the invasion by going south of Sendai, where they made yet another Symbiotic Flower. Gamera in the area of the Symbiotic Flower to destroy, but he met face to face with the Symbiotic Legion's queen Legion. Gamera and the queen Legion, but eventually Legion overpowered Gamera and fire a beamed from her horn which knocked Gamera to the ground. Legion sensed the Symbiotic Flower was about to release new seeds onto Earth she retreated to safety. Gamera in an effort to stop the flower, knocked it over causing an explosion, which seemed to have killed Gamera.

    Gamera's priestess Asagi and a group of survivors of the explosion prayed to Gamera for help. As time passed the amuet in Asagi's hand shattered and Gamera's body started to shake. Gamera was reborn. He took to the skies to face Legion once again.

    After a long and enduring battle, Gamera was left with no option but to absorb Earth's mana(its energy). Gamera shot out as a beam from his chest. The beam eventually engulfed Legion killing her. Gamera done with the battle took to the skies to find a place to rest.

    Because Gamera used the Earth's mana to defeat Legion, Earth's supply of mana had run drastically low. This created a great breeding condition for the Gyaos. Due to their overbreeding the Gyaos soon evolved into Hyper Gyaos.

    Multiple reports around the world about Gamera fighting the Gyaos menace had come in. Over time several Gyaos attacked Tokyo, thus bringing Gamera. Gamera blasted the creatures of the sky and destroyed half a district as a result, not caring or noticing the frightened humans. After Gamera's victory he flew into the sky to continue his war against the Gyaos.

    vs Iris
    vs Iris

    As Gamera continued fighting the Gyaos, an evil force began to grow: the mutant Gyaos Iris. Iris appeared over Kyoto and soon Gamera did too. The two beats attacked each other and their battle lead them to Kyoto train station. Gamera was eventually able to defeat the mutant Gyaos and it seemed the war was over.

    Sadly the battle had just begun. An armada of Gyaos appeared over the night sky threatening the guardian of the Earth. Weak and tired Gamera prepared himself for one last fight. He was not alone though, the Japanese military decided to aid Gamera. The final battle was about to begin.

    Gamera's Film History

    1. Gammera the Invincible -1965 Monsters:Gamera
    2. Gamera vs. Barugon(AKA War of the Monsters) -1966 Monsters:Gamera,Barugon
    3. Gamera vs. Gyaos (AKA Return of the Giant Monsters)-1967 Monsters:Gamera, Gyaos
    4. Gamera vs. Viras (AKA War of the Planets)-1968 Monsters: Gamera, Viras
    5. Gamera vs. Guiron(AKA Attack of the Monsters) -1969 Monsters:Gamera,Guiron, Space Gyaos
    6. Gamera vs. Jiger(AKA Gamera vs Monster X -1970 Monsters:Gamera,Jiger
    7. Gamera vs. Zigra -1971 Monsters:Gamera,Zigra
    8. Gamera Super Monster -1980Monsters: Gamera,Barugon, Gyaos,Jiger, Viras,Guiron, Zigra
    9. Gamera Guardian of the Universe -1995 Monsters:Gamera, Gyaos
    10. Gamera 2 Attack of Legion -1996Monsters: Gamera,Legion
    11. Gamera 3 Awakening of Irys -1999 Monsters: Gamera,Irys, Gyaos, Hyper Gyaos
    12. Gamera the Brave -2006 Monsters: Gamera,Toto, Gyaos,Zedus

    Powers & Abilities

    Size & Super Strength

    In most movies, Gamera is 80 meters tall and weighs about 120 tons. Due to his large size, Gamera is very strong and capable of throwing other monsters that weigh 100's of tons. Gamera is capable of destroying very large buildings without any problem.

    Speed & Flight

    Gamera can fly at speeds up to mach 3. Gamera's flight comes from great jets that shoot out of any of his 4 leg holes in his shell. Gamera is capable of retracting his head and all 4 legs to spin in a circle and cut his enemies with his hard shell. Gamera once flew an interstellar distance, seems the upper limit of his flight speed is far higher.


    Gamera's shell is nearly impervious to all forms of attack. It can deflect missiles and tank fire as well as most attacks of other monsters. Gamera's unprotected under area is not quite as durable and can be hurt by other monsters. Gamera's only weakness is extremely low temperatures, which can freeze him, but this weakness seems to have been overcome in later movies.

    Energy Absorption

    Gamera feeds on fire and other heat sources. He's attracted to almost all forms of heat, such as wild fires, volcanoes, power plants and even Barugon's ray attack. He can absorb flames and other heat sources through his skin: this ability drastically strengthens the power of Gamera's flame breathe and fireballs. At one point, Gamera gained the ability to absorb "mana", or the living essence of life energy.

    Flame Breathe

    Originally, Gamera could breath intensely hot flames. In later films, this became the ability to fire powerful and highly explosive fireballs from his mouth, the power and accuracy of which varies throughout the series. After absorbing a large amount of mana, Gamera is able to unleash a devastating blast of fire and plasma from an opened, organic "cannon" in his chest.

    Other Powers

    Gamera has other powers such as being able to heal from serious injuries quickly and apparently returning from the dead several times. Gamera can survive in outer space and underwater because he does not need to breath since he has no lungs. He can sense and locate fire and other heat sources. Gamera is also able to sense when children are in trouble so he can save them. In later films, Gamera is able to share a psychic link with certain people, most notably Asagi Kusanagi.

    Gamera's Enemies


    No Caption Provided

    Origin: Guiron is the guardian monster of the planet Tera. Guiron's normal resting place is under the river which flows backward when he's about to come out. In an effort to trick the Earth boys they had captured, the two remaining Terans had pretended to have lost control over Guiron and the Space Gyas. The humanlike people of Tera had built Guiron and several other gigantic monsters to serve them; the movie implies that the people of Tera had gone to war against each other using giant monsters instead of missiles or bombs, until the time of the movie, when the entire planet had only two Terans still alive, both of whom died before the movie's end.

    Abilities: Can jump high, can shoot and control giant shuriken that come out of his head. He also has a really big knife for a head that can cut through just about anything. He has great durability and is able to withstand multiple blows from Gamera. Height: 85 meters Weight:110 tons Weakness: Top Heavy Film Appearances: 2 (Attack of the Monsters - 1969; Gamera: Super Monster - 1980)

    Battle Stats: 2 wins ; 2 losses


    No Caption Provided

    Origin: came out after an eruption at Mt. Fuji. The scientists in the movie outright state that no one has any idea where he came from or what precisely he is.

    Abilities: Flight, Can shoot a sonic beam that can cut through almost anythingHeight: 65 metersWingspan: 172 meters

    Weight: 25 tonsWeakness: Sunlight

    Film Appearances: 6 (Gamera vs. Gyaos- 1967; Gamera Super Monster- 1980, Gamera Guardian of the universe- 1995; Gamera Swarm of Irys; Gamera the Brave- 2006)

    Battle Stats: 1 win ; 7 losses


    Origin: Barugon hatched from an egg that was found in New Guinea

    Abilities: Barugon can fire a rainbow beam from his back that emits large amounts of energy. He also has a long tongue (nearly half his length!) that can freeze things.

    Height: 80 meters

    Weight: 70 tons

    Weakness: water

    Film Appearances: 2 (Gamera vs. Barugon- 1966; Gamera Super Monster- 1980)

    Battle Stats: 1 win; 2 losses


    No Caption Provided

    Origin: Viras came to earth from a distant star (planet) called Viras.

    Abilities: Viras has many different powers. He can take control of people by duplicating himself and possessing his victims' bodies. He also has the ability to communicate telepathically. Viras has proven to be very strong able to throw Gamera a great distance. He also can swim well and breathe under water. Viras can change the flaps on the top of his head into one sharp blade capable of piercing the underside of Gamera. Viras is also very intelligent for a monster, showing greater intelligence than an average person which is a lot considering most monsters can do nothing more than stomp around

    Height: 96 meters

    Weight: 120 tons

    Weakness: rather slow when above water also is weak too very low temperatures

    Film Appearances: 2 ( Gamera vs. Viras- 1968: Gamera Super Monster- 1980)

    Battle Stats: 0 wins; 2 losses

    No Caption Provided


    Origin: Zigra is from the 4th dimension from the Planet Zigra Abilities: Zigra can fire a red beam from it's head, has razor sharp fins, can fly, can swim, and can change formsHeight: 80 metersWeight: 75 tonsWeakness: unknownFilm Appearances: 2 ( Gamera vs. Zigra- 1971; Gamera Super Monster- 1980)Battle Stats: 1 win: 2 losses

    Space Gyaos

    No Caption Provided

    Origin: Space Gyaos is a monster that attacked the planet Tera. The humanlike people of Tera had built Space Gyaos to attack them and battle Guiron as part of an effort to trick two Earth boys into trusting them.

    Abilities: can fly, can shoot a yellow "super-sonic ray" from his mouth, can hop on one foot

    Height: 85 meters

    Weight: 75 tons

    Weakness: Space Gyaos isn't very smart

    Appearances: 1 ( Gamera vs. Guiron)

    Battle Stats: 0 wins; 1 loss

    Gamera's Human Friends


    Bio: Akio is a Japanese boy who lives in a house with his mother and younger sister, Timoko. He likes reading about outer space and correctly believes there is life on other planets. His dream is to have a star named after him. Akio can be rude at times, especially in the American dub of the film, calling his friends idiots. He hopes for a world without dangers such as traffic accidents and wars. He ends up with his head shaved by the Terans, who had intended to eat his brain.

    Fashion: Akio dresses as a typical Japanese boy of his age and time period. He wears a blue jacket and what many Americans might consider extemely short shorts, although his shorts are the normal length for a Japanese boy at the time the film was made.

    Race: Asian

    Film Appearance: Gamera vs. Guiron (1969)

    Skills: spaceship flying

    Friends:Tom,Condo,and Timoko his sister.


    No Caption Provided

    Bio: Not much is known of Tom's personal life. He has a mother, but it is not known if he has any other family. He is interested in outer space. Like Akio, his dream is also to have a star named after him.

    Fashion:Tom wears a red and white jacket. He also wears a matching hat with an unknown symbol on it. Tom dresses as a typical American boy of his age and time period, so that his shorts, while bizarrely long by Japanese standards, appear to be just the right length by American standards.

    Race: Caucasian

    Film Appearance: Gamera vs. Guiron (1969)Skills: extreme accuracy with a dart gun

    Friends: Akio,and Condo


    No Caption Provided

    Bio: Jim is a Caucasian member of the Japanese Boy Scouts. It is not known if he has any living family members. He has prior knowledge of Gamera even though he's never met him. He likes eating pears

    Fashion: Jim wears a Boy Scout uniform. He is never seen wearing anything else.

    Race: Caucasian

    Film Appearance: Gamera vs. Viras (1968)

    Skills: very good with a lasso

    Friends: Masao



    No Caption Provided


    Film Appearance:

    Gamera vs. Viras (1968)


    is very good with technology






    Films Appearance:

    Gammera the Invincible (1965)


    knows about turtles Friends: turtles

    No Caption Provided

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