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    A minor enemy of Captain America. Eventually reformed and became friendly with Luke Cage

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    In Gamecock's first appearance, he was hired by Mr. Morgan to find Falcon. While scouring the rooftops his gang met up with Captain America as Nomad. Thinking that Gamecock injured Falcon, Captain America attacked them. The fight was stopped when a man fired a bazooka at their rooftop.


    Gamecock was created by Steve Englehart and Frank Robbins in 1974 and first appeared in Captain America # 183.

    Story Arcs

    Gamecock turns up years later when he pays "his woman" a visit. The police get called in when things get out of a hand. Gamecock threatened to kill her if the cops didn't back off. Asp, protecting Captain America and Diamondback's date, shot Gamecock with a venom blast knocking him out. The police then quickly arrested him.

    Red Skull hires a Scourge to kill Gamecock, but he somehow got away. Red Skull then kills the Scourge for his failure.

    Gamecock went to Madripoor to participate in the Bloodsport competition. In the first round he was to fight Puma. The match ends when Puma apparently eats him.

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    He somehow survived, and retired from active villainy to raise his daughter Marta after the death of Marta's mother. He later appeared alive, living under the assumed name of Charles Cardona. He was beaten badly by a group of overeager vigilantes following the preemptive justice fervor of Carol Danvers and Ulysses. With his record exposed he was sent to jail, albeit on shaky evidence. He was released during the breakout at Ryker's a short while later.

    He later joined the New Pride in Harlem as a police mole to avoid going to jail for his prior record. After the Pride's leader Alex Wilder used his technology to wipe Carlos's record, he came clean to both the police and to Heroes For Hire before going underground.

    After Cage and Iron Fist shut down the New Pride, however, Carlos and Marta showed to help clean up the mess and show support for their hometown heroes.


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