X-Men Producer Wants a Gambit Movie Starring Channing Tatum

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#101  Edited By SunsetGold

Gambit wouldn't need a solo film if he was included in the earlier films like he was supposed to. Blame the stupid writers for being so pathetic writing out a major character that was really important in the animated series and the comics. This is what I don't understand. Gambit's been a main character enough for him to even have his own comic series. Sure, they weren't sell-outs like Wolverine but they were still critically acclaimed and still popular. In all honesty, as much as Wolverine is one of my favourite characters, he is way overrated and way overused. Gambit is neutral. He gets the right amount of attention he deserved. And like I said, if he had been in the films from the very beginning, his character would have been a lot more recognised outside the comics and the animated series. People are still angry at the fact he hadn't been included. Can't say I blame them. It's disgusting how the producers treat a key character like this, and to make up for it, they put in a solo film, which is really forced. Gambit doesn't need his own film. He's a great character with a really dark backstory, but if it was all focused on just that, it wouldn't be enough to be part of the X-Men franchise. We want to see him fighting, beating the hell out of enemies and whatnot. I have a bad feeling this may go the same way as Maleficent (which I heard was abysmal). Making Gambit a sad, misunderstood puppy, scared of his own powers instead of being the tough cookie he really is. He's not a weakling. Hell, Rogue was made a weakling in the film. Don't do this with Gambit.

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