Which Gambit counterpart is most worthy of his advantages?

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Which Gambit equivalent from another universe would be best to have a copy of his powers, card deck, coat and long staff?  
Fred Weasley from the Harry Potter Saga?  
Green Arrow from DC Comics?  
Duke Devlin from Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series?  

Jacky Bryant from Virtua Fighter?  
Sly Cooper from the Sly Cooper video game series? 
Ken Masters from Street Fighter? 
Gray Wolf from the Monster Rancher Anime?  
Jack Sparrow from the Pirates Of The Carribean series?  
Or is there another Gambit counterpart  you think would be most worthy of his powers and weapons? Please state your thoughts on this.
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  1. Sawyer from Lost - Like Gambit, he has a criminal background and he is a cocky flirty guy with a heart.
  2. Jin-E the Manslayer from Rurouni Kenshin anime/manga - from the creator's character notes, this character is based on Gambit for his hypnotic-looking eyes, headdress and the mysteriousness except that he is the sociopathic villain in the anime/manga.
  3. Judeau from Berserk is kinda like Gambit also with his skill in throwing Knives his personality he is loyal and wise also has a great sense of humor.
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John Hart from Torchwood XD

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i know he 's not on the list but i chose hawkeye cause he get lots of girls and he use to be a criminal when he started out.

Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #2
Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #2
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I love Sly Cooper! Yeah  he is the cartoon animal equivalent of Remy.
Sawyer and Hawkeye are great comparisons as well.
This probally doesn't count but when I play Fallout New Vegas, I styled my character after Remy.

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