Gambit Was Going To Be Bisexual In 2012

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Gambit is a rather popular X-Men character. Introduced by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee in the nineties, this Cajun-talking matter-yo-energy converter was cool-on-a-stick. And he had a stick. Womaniser, but sensitive and sensual with it, there was a lot of love from all sides for Remy LeBeau…

It appears that writer James Asmus noticed. Picked to write his solo series in 2012, the book played up his sexual side. But I’m understand that the original play was to go further.

Fulfilling the wishes of much of the fanbase, Bleeding Cool has learned that Asmus intended Gambit be bisexual. It didn’t seem like it would be that big of a leap. Doesn’t it feel completely natural with the character, as established? It was something I’m told that that Asmus wanted to pursue, and he certainly wasn’t shy with the fanservice in that series.

I’m told however, that the word came down from above, this was not to be.

I contacted Asmus who confirmed much of this, telling me,

It’s true that I was interested in revealing Gambit to be bisexual in our series – with us first seeing him seduce a man on one of his missions, and soon thereafter meeting a member of the thieves guild Gambit previously had a more significant relationship with in his pre-X-Men debut. I never got past pitching the first part, though, as word came down we wouldn’t be redefining the character as such.

A few important disclaimers, though… first, I have no idea how high or low on the totem pole that decision was made, or for what reasons – but my editor on the book was the fabulous Daniel Ketcham who is an out man and prominent voice for LBGT diversity in comics. Though the memory is hazy (I pitched a LOT of different ideas for that book) I don’t think he was keen on the idea just from a practical / story stand point. And as I mentioned, I had lots of different concepts I was happy to explore – so in fairness, the No wasn’t something I fought against. And in hindsight, maybe that pitch was too half-baked? Either way, we never did anything to go against the idea he’s bisexual. So maybe someone else will craft that story?

Maybe they will. After all, it is unlikely to put model/dancer/producer/actor Channing Tatum off from playing the character. Could there be a chance for the film to step up?

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