Awesome Toy Picks: Marvel Select Gambit

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Each week we shop around for the coolest comic book collectibles. Last week we looked at the Marvel Select Colossus figure and some of you mentioned the Gambit figure listed on the back of the packaging. If you've been wondering what that figure is like, now you can find out.

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Gambit's first full appearance was in UNCANNY X-MEN #266 and he was created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. He's long since been a fan-fav of the X-Men and his shady past has always kept everyone around him on their toes. For a guy wearing purple/pinkish armor and a brown trench coat, he's always managed to carry himself as a cool figure.

There have been several Gambit figures in the past but this is the coolest one so far.

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The Marvel Select toys always give you a little something extra with their figures. You don't just get Gambit, you also get a background that simulates a corner of the Danger Room. This is great for display purposes. There are also some extra accessories that come with him.

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With the the extra hands and choice of cards, you have some options in how you want to display him. He has plenty of articulation (16 points) and can be put into different positions.

Check him out in 'action.'

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This figure is from Diamond Select. It retails for around $20 and definitely has what it takes to replace your old Gambit figures.

That's it for this week's Awesome Toy Picks. Next week we'll be at WonderCon but we'll be sure to have another round to cool collectibles ready to be showcased for all of you.

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#1 Posted by SavageDragon (2257 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow great detail on the jawline and the midsection and his throwing cars. The classic costume has been tweaked a tiny bit in the pants and boots but i love this gambit costume. Gambit is such a cool character i think everyone can agree on that. Great toy here.

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#2 Posted by cmaprice (867 posts) - - Show Bio

MS Gambit is terrific. Everyone should own at least one.

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#3 Posted by Miss_Garrick (1791 posts) - - Show Bio

That is the BEST of Gambit's costume.

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#4 Edited by HannibalKing (51 posts) - - Show Bio

I was waiting for this to be mentioned after seeing the one on Colossus. Just received mine off of Amazon about a week ago. He's currently striking a pose with my newly acquired Movie Maniacs Snake Plissken. While I for the most part prefer this one to it's variant, I like the color on the variant better.

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#5 Posted by X35 (6464 posts) - - Show Bio

I so want to start collecting these figures.

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#6 Posted by jaredbright (205 posts) - - Show Bio

I love Gambit!!!!

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#7 Posted by SurelockeHomes (2197 posts) - - Show Bio

I've still got my old Marvel Legend Gambit sitting on a shelf in the back room. Of course, he's wobbly now and missing a finger, his staff and cards, but he's done pretty well over the years, all things considered.

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#8 Posted by SpidermanWins (4142 posts) - - Show Bio

Not gonna lie... that really cool

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#9 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Now that's a pretty sweet Remy. Awesome!

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#10 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

I want it :(

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#11 Posted by bladewolf (1153 posts) - - Show Bio

This looks awesome! I may just have to break my rule of never buying anymore figures this year...

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#12 Posted by redhood21 (833 posts) - - Show Bio

you gotta stop reviewing marvel select! buy.... too strong!!!!!

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#13 Posted by clemj (849 posts) - - Show Bio

fuckin' cool

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#14 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8418 posts) - - Show Bio

Very nice indeed

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#15 Posted by natejoseph09 (137 posts) - - Show Bio


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#16 Posted by TheGoldenOne (38932 posts) - - Show Bio
Looks good.
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#17 Posted by redleigh86 (570 posts) - - Show Bio

This is super cool and I want it but I just don't know what I'd actually do with it... it'd just end up like all my NSYNC stuff from when I was a teenager: in tubs in storage in the basement :/

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#18 Posted by X35 (6464 posts) - - Show Bio

I saw a whole bunch of these figures at my LCS the other day and i can't describe how tempted i was to just buy them all

i was lucky, they didn't have any characters that i couldn't resist buying although i came close with the hulks. some of the earlier waves have ones i would have to have. thank god they were mostly exclusives

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#19 Posted by JonesDeini (3874 posts) - - Show Bio

This' the perfect Gambit figure. I sorely need this in my collection.

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#20 Posted by animemike (12 posts) - - Show Bio

i got the gambit with the colth robe

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#21 Posted by The Impersonator (8330 posts) - - Show Bio

@jaredbright said:

I love Gambit!!!!

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#22 Posted by HannibalKing (51 posts) - - Show Bio

Here's the variant figure.

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#23 Posted by Queso6p4 (1557 posts) - - Show Bio

That is a gorgeous Gambit figure. I may have to grab this eventually.

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#24 Posted by maxicere (998 posts) - - Show Bio


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#25 Posted by Purgy (427 posts) - - Show Bio

Best Gambit toy ever. Got it and i love just how well detail it is.

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#26 Posted by petlover1112 (51 posts) - - Show Bio

It would be cool to see the Deadpool that's on the back of the Gambit box.

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#27 Posted by SnakeEyes327 (58 posts) - - Show Bio

That's quite nice. I'll have to try and get my hands on one.

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#28 Posted by CombatSpoon86 (963 posts) - - Show Bio

I swear Marvel always have the better figures.

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#29 Posted by marve1geek (1 posts) - - Show Bio

This is a really cool character and for all you toy collectors you should come check out the Articulated Comic Book Art group on Facebook!

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#30 Posted by slvrwolfang (89 posts) - - Show Bio

I recommend this to any Gambit fan. I've had mine for a few months and absolutely love it :)

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#31 Edited by DrifterInGreen (16 posts) - - Show Bio

Gambit is probably the one X-men character, that I’m missing, that I would really want to add to my collection.

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#32 Posted by KidSupreme (854 posts) - - Show Bio

He looks very cool!

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