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    Sons of Thanos (Ultimate) in the Endless Resurgence. His entire body was formed from dense matter which normally is found within the heart of suns. He can lift over 100 tons.

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    Commander Gallowglass was one of the most feared sons of Thanos in the Endless Resurgence of the Empire (Acheron). He led the squad Ravens, who chased the enemies of the Empire. When the team Seed Nineteen Tesseract released from prison, Gallowglass went after them to Earth. There he destroyed the detachment of police who tried to detain them. Gallowglass was walking along the trail beacon in Tesseract within Central Park. Mayachok and implants were implanted in prison. These implants were forced to obey the Tesseract Gallowglass's will. Because of this, it disables Vykni. Force Acheron teleported them aboard the Redeemer, but Seed Nineteen and Fantastic Four followed him. Condition Tesseract was not stable, due to its resistance to the introduction of DNA Seed Nineteen could fix it and let Gallowglass persecutors to get to the Redeemer. The ship crashed into the Fantastic Four and it was destroyed. Gallowglass attackers did not take seriously and openly despised them. But the Invisible Woman and Dreamcatcher found his weak spot. Invisible Woman using her force field to remove field Gallowglass. His body came into interaction with the atmosphere and Gallowglass exploded, destroying the Redeemer, and probably dying.


    All Gallowglass's body is created from an incredibly dense neutron-degenerate matter, a substance which is normally found only in the center of the sun, it makes it incredibly strong (able to lift 100 tons) and sturdy, able to easily move hits such strong creatures, as the Creature. In conjunction with the air the matter of which created Gallowglass generates a powerful explosion. To avoid this, Gallowglass consistently supports a private force field. However, he is able to open a small part on request to release the powerful energy, strong enough to destroy a whole town block.


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