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    Galen-Kor, former admiral in the Kree military and head of covert operations turned vindictive survivalist of its remnants. Having survived the first Kree/Shi'ar war, he led a unit of Kree soldiers to get vengeance on both the Shi'ar and Avengers for the events that transpired in Operation: Galactic Storm.

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    Galen-Kor was an admiral in the Kree military during the first war between the Kree and the Shi'ar. He survived the war when a great many other Kree did not. Not only did the Shi'ar Nega-Bomb wipe out his fleet, it also killed his family. But he surived. Presumably, he earned his scars in the course of surviving the Nega-Bomb's devastation.  


    The character of Galen-Kor was created by Bob Harras and Steve Epting in the pages of Avengers along with a team of other Kree soldiers that would later be known as the Lunatic Legion. He was the face of the new Kree threat after the alien empire had been devastated and conquered by the Shi'ar.  

    Major Story Arcs 

    Operation: Galactic Storm

     Swindling Hepzibah and Raza to kill the Black Knight
     Swindling Hepzibah and Raza to kill the Black Knight
    For further details: Operation: Galactic Storm 
    He discovered that not only did the Shi'ar savagely wipe out most of his people, but the Avengers of Earth had executed his people's leader, the Supreme Intelligence, in the aftermath. He did not believe the stories circulating that the Supreme Intelligence had conspired to have the Nega-Bomb detonated in Kree space. That was written off as Shi'ar propaganda. Galen-Kor had nothing left to live for but to get vengeance for the Kree.

    Lacking resources to make a major move yet, Galen-Kor met in secret with Hepzibah and Raza Longknife of the Starjammers. He knew that they would be heading to Earth in order to drop off Carol Danvers on her homeworld, and that would put them in contact with the Avengers. It took some convincing and some lying, but he was able to hire them as assassins. He did not assign them to kill all of the Avengers. He only pointed them towards the Black Knight, for it was Dane Whitman who struck the killing blow on the Supreme Intelligence. Raza came close to fulfilling the contract, but in the end, the Black Knight survived.

    Galen-Kor was only getting started. In the meantime, he salvaged what he could from what was left of his people. He armed himself with a Universal Weapon and assembled a unit of Kree soldiers committed to the same goal of vengeance as he had. However, he still lacked resources for a major retaliation. He had to broker an alliance with the Collector to get what he needed, and this was something he kept secret from his troops. The price for the Collector's aid was that Galen-Kor would bring him a living collection of Avengers. What Galen-Kor received was a functioning Nega-Bomb, which he planned to detonate on Earth. He successfully captured a handful of Avengers and allowed the torture of some of them, such as Deathcry and Black Knight. Unfortunately for him, he encountered more Avengers than he anticipated to come to the rescue. He and his soldiers fled, leaving behind an armed Nega-Bomb that the Avengers were able to prevent from destroying Earth.

    The Mephitisoid

    Galen-Kor and his Kree fighters returned to Earth as part of a new strategy. Since last seen, they had taken to resisting the Shi'ar occupying forces in Kree space, and Galen had discovered a weapon that could be used against the Shi'ar was to be found in stasis within a crashed Shi'ar vessel on Earth. This was an ancient Mephitisoid warlord known only as the Mephitisoid. The males of that race were capable of controlling other beings through pheromones, and that was something the Shi'ar feared so much they long ago quarantined the race's homeworld.

    Galen succeeded in freeing the Mephitisoid, but in the course of this, he also got the attention of the Avengers, who came to investigate what was happening. The Avengers allied with an ancient Shi'ar admiral who was also kept in stasis, and Galen soon lost control of the situation. However, he did at least discover the dark truth about the Shi'ar's war with the Mephitisoids and their war hero admiral. He left Earth saying he would be able to use the truth to undermine the Shi'ar long-held beliefs about their history.

     Communication with the Collector
     Communication with the Collector
    Live Kree or Die

    For further details: Live Kree or Die 
    Returning to Earth once again, Galen-Kor took over a secret base on the moon where he had discovered the Supreme Intelligence was alive and being imprisoned. He decided to begin calling his unit of Kree fighters the Lunatic Legion and set out to attack Earth once again in the Supreme Intelligence's name. His new plan involved the use of a biological weapon that would reengineer the human race into becoming biologically Kree. He proceeded with his plan, not knowing that the Supreme Intelligence was conspiring to make sure he failed.

    He dispatched his Kree soldiers to Earth to begin the development of this weapon, which involved acquiring such items as a sample of the Terrigen Mists and fatal human experimentation. The Avengers scrambled to stop him from finishing and unleashing the weapon, resulting in a battle on the moon. As a result of the weapon activating, Galen-Kor and his people were broken down into energy, but the Avengers were successful in stopping the weapon from affecting Earth.

    Annihilation: Conquest

     Convert Operations
     Convert Operations
    For further details: Annihilation Conquest 
    Apparently, Galen-Kor survived and his physical body was able to be reintegrated. He then rejoined the Kree military, resuming his rank of admiral and becoming the head of covert operations.

    Admiral Galen-Kor managed to avoid being assimilated when the Phalanx conquered the Kree Empire. It was up to him to assembled a strike team to destroy a weapon the Phalanx were developing on Hala that would drastically increase the speed and scale of how the Phalanx would be able to assimilate biological life. He drafted Peter Quill and a handful of Kree prisoners to comprise the team for this likely suicidal mission. Quill jokingly dubbed the unit the Dirty Half-Dozen.

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