Galaxy Master

    Character » Galaxy Master appears in 14 issues.

    The Galaxy Master roams the cosmos destroying every world he finds to ensure that none like himself would ever again see the light of day.

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    The Galaxy Master was created by evil beings a thousand universes away. His only instinct is self preservation, he turned against his creators and destroyed them all. Encountering the Sagittarian race, the Galaxy Master spared them when they vowed to serve it. The Sagittarians used their technology to destroy entire planets, sending natives of those worlds periodically to feed the Galaxy Master.
    On Earth, the Sagittarians placed their Planet-Destroyer in the Savage Land, and sent the robot Umbu The Unliving to guard it. When these were destroyed by the efforts of Bruce Banner, the Hulk, the Sagittarians captured the Hulk for further study. Attempting to slay him for thwarting their plans, they were instead overpowered by the Hulk. The Galaxy Master itself appeared and battled the Hulk, finding a worthy adversary for the first time in its existence. Ultimately, it gassed the Hulk into unconsciousness. When the Sagittarian leader was slain, Princess Daydra organized a rebellion to assist the Hulk, but their Warlord informed Galaxy Master to prepare itself for their attack. Easily overcoming the rebellion, the Galaxy Master snared Daydra in a tractor beam, planning to feed on her. However, the Hulk revived, leapt into the tractor beam, found himself inside the Galaxy Master, and destroyed a central computer-like brain there, seemingly destroying the Galaxy Master.
    Reforming years later, it found the inert form of the Abomination in space and made him its servant.  The Galaxy Master doubled the Abomination's power and sent him to wipe out all possible opposition on planets before appearing and consuming their inhabitants.
    Daydra organized powerful warriors - Amphibion, Dark-Crawler, and Torgo, but even they were unable to stop either the Abomination or the Galaxy Master. Daydra led them to Earth so as to bring the Hulk to their world to stop their enemies. The Hulk, altough initially overpowered by the enhanced Abomination, became mad enough and strong enough to smash him. He then confronted the Galaxy Master and destroyed it from the inside again. However, it's uncertain if anything truly can destroy the Galaxy Master forever. 


    Galaxy Master was created by Stan Lee and Herb Trimpe in 1969 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 111.


    • Primordial Energy Blasts
    • Can assume any form he desires
    • Teleportation
    • Can multiply into countless deadly parts
    • Can shoot out a bludgeoning barrage of white hot meteors
    • Forcefield
    • Tractor Beam

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