Character » Galatea appears in 10 issues.

    A former Claymore Ranked #3. She was one of the organization's best tracker. Until they sensed her growing disobedience. She then decided to leave, and has survived in hiding for seven years.

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    Galatea as a Claymore
    Galatea as a Claymore

    Galatea's journey firs begins in claymore chapter 25 (the slashers) where she is shown with one of the organizations officials using her power to sense the situations in a battle that was taking place miles away. She wears a standard Claymore uniform and carries a sword on which is inscribed her mark as number three. She is tall, has a slender body and long blond hair.

    Mistrust and Rebellion

    Galatea final hours with the organization
    Galatea final hours with the organization

    Galatea was one of the most inquisitive type of Claymores in the organization, because of that despite her rank and skill of energy reading and control she was regarded by as a rogue by the organization. On one occasion when she was given an order to bring Clare back dead or alive, she did not heed the order. After finding and helping Clare defeat Dauf who was then Riful's man she decided to let Clare leave. She stayed with the organization up till the completion of Alicia and and had to go into hiding due to the mistrust of the organization and because of her growing knowledge about the organization secrets.

    Refuge and Redemption

    Galatea as a nun of Labona City
    Galatea as a nun of Labona City

    After escaping the organization, she sort refuge in the Holy city of Labona, she disguised herself as a nun and blinded herself. The organization sent Clarice and to kill her, however various events led to the team abandoning their mission. She too both of them in as guests into the city where they helped her during the final battle against one of the last male awakened beings.

    Strengths and Abilities

    Yuma Sensing

    Galatea is very gifted in terms of yuma energy sensing, this ability is so fine tuned that she is able to read exactly what is happening between people miles away.

    Yuma Energy Control

    With this ability, she is able to control the yuma energy in an opponent to force them to miss targets with their attacks

    Super Speed

    As number three in the organization, she is arguably the fastest claymore baring Alicia, who were then number 1 and 2.

    Quick Healing

    Her Yuma power helps her hill wounds very quickly.


    she is known for having high intelligence which was shown when she prepared a plan to defend the Holy city from an awakened attack. Her intelligence also helps her to make or formulate good strategies during the heat of battles to keep her two steps ahead of her opponent.


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