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One millions years ago, the citizens of the Planet Paradise III, home of the Galactic Defender, decides to place themself in suspended animation in order to preserve their purity and their "perfection".  Only one of them, the Galactic Defender is remained awake in order to protect the planet from visitors from others planets.  For this mission, he put on a Aerobionic Helmet who permit him to not aging and not contract deseases, keaping him alive for 1 millions years. 
Unfortunately, the force nexus which surround the planet and prevent from being invade caused world earthquakes. So, the glass tube where are the Paradise III inhabitants was shattered and, and the end, Galactic Defender remained the last being alive on his planet.
Just before the end of their 1000 years exploration trip, the two first Micronauts, Commander Arcturus Rann and his Robot Biotron discovered Paradise III by accident. They were almost forced to land on the planet by the force nexus protecting the planet and, on the ground, the Galactic Defender attacked them as his mission require. 
During the shoot exchange, his helmet was shattered and his protection from the outside air was gone. He started to quickly aged by the second and had just enough time to tell the story of his planet before become dust as the compatriot. The last inhabitant of Paradise III was dead. 
Powers and equipement:
The Galactic Defender wears a power suit who prevent him from aging, desease and death as long as it remain hermetic. It enable him to live almost one million years ago. 
He also wears a glider-pac witch enables him to flight and possess a laser sword and a lasergun as weapons.

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