Galactic Civil War

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    The Galactic Civil War was an incredibly lengthy war that lasted for decades between the Empire and the Rebellion. It began with the formation of the Rebel Alliance and ended with the formation of the Galactic Alliance.

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    Following Emperor Palpatine's rise to power at the close of the Clone Wars, the systems fell one by one under the Galactic Empire's dictatorship rule. Many became desperate for freedom, and thus a group known as the Rebel Alliance was forged, and the Galactic Civil war began.

    The Galactic Civil War is a blanket term that encompases the vast majority of stories centered around the conflict between the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire such as the original Star Wars movie trilogy, and continues in stories following a period of time after the events of Return of the Jedi such as Heir to the Empire, The Last Command, and Dark Empire to name a few.

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