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The World-Eater's Daughter

At first glance one would immediately assume that Gali is no different than any other average young beautiful blog-maintaining run-of-the-mill American girl but they couldn't be more wrong. Gali or rather Galacta is the estranged daughter of the mighty World-Devourer known as Galactus and like her Father she has an insatiable appetite for lifeforce energies. But unlike her Father, Gali has found other ways to sate her appetite without having to destroy entire worlds.  
On Earth, Galacta sees everything as food surrounding her. She seems to have a bad relationship with her father and tries to be the opposite of him, often reminding herself of it. Luckily, Earth is full of alien biomatter to somewhat sustain her hunger and choosing a strict diet on alien lifeforms only. To pass the time she writes in her online blog under the name Gali_girl, writing about problems with her hunger and her father. (

 Feeding Time!
 Feeding Time!
Using her cosmic powers and highly advanced technology, Gali helps people all across the world by consuming extraterrestrial virus' such as the flesh-devouring Skrull Prion which gave the original members of The Skrull Kill Krew their powers. 
She also has made meals of ancient Biosphere Killing Bioweapons such as the genetically re-engineered Thermophile Lithometallovores that had been left to breed in Earth's Core by The Kree countless centuries ago, essentially saving the Earth. Whenever feeding, Galacta cloaks herself and her equipment so she does not cause fear among the humans.

Over time it became more difficult to keep her hunger under control. Galacta began analyzing anything she would see on television and deduce how much it would sate her hunger by consuming it. As time passed the hunger began to grow worse and she began suffering from severe stomach pain. 
This led Gali to perform an examination on herself using her technology to discover the source of the problem. Her examination reveals that she has been infected with an extradimensional endosymbiotic energy parasite called the " Tapeworm Cosmic" who, like her Father, originated in a Universe that existed prior to Earth-616. Not only was it making her hungry, but it was consuming her Power Cosmic as well.

 A Tough Moment
 A Tough Moment
Unable to keep the ancient and voracious parasite from intensifying her appetite, amplifying her metabolism and accelerating the burn rate of her Power Cosmic reserves by herself Gali opened a Quantum Entanglement Comm-line to the only being in the Universe capable of dealing with the insidious parasite her father... Galactus. 
Meanwhile, she began using her cosmic awareness in order to find food, and at the same time fighting the fact that he told her that everything around her was acceptable energy. She finally found some alien lifeforms and sought them out. 
She found them fighting with the mutant Wolverine. Stopping time, she realized she could continually feed from him to stop her hunger (although his energies were hardly enough to sustain her incredible hunger). She decided against it and took only the aliens, leaving a very confused Wolverine behind. 
While searching for alien energies to consume, she continued to save the Earth. Among these includes stopping an asteroid, consuming a Hydra bioagent known as Dutch Elm Hyperdisease and removing an unstable Elder of the Universe.
Feeding on the silicone based infestation made by the  Kronans, she grew desperate for an answer to her tapeworm problem and came up with a new plan - Galactus' old enemy, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four.
Guess who's having a baby!!
Guess who's having a baby!!
After introducing herself to the team, she listens to them chatter on and question her, all the while starving. But she has now learned to control her cosmic awareness and uses it to find the location of the Ultimate Nullifier
She travels a great distance across the universe, planning to use it to cut the tapeworm from her body. But there is a great possibility that she will die trying to do this surgery on herself. As she tries to gain the courage, her father finally appears. 
Without a word, Galactus takes her in his hand and uses his own power to nourish Galacta, much to her surprise, as she had spent her whole life cursing him as a horrible creature and parent. 
He also extends his greater cosmic awareness with her, making her understand that the Cosmic Tapeworm is not a parasite after all. It is actually a cosmic being much like they are, and it is similar to how Galacta came to be inside of Galactus. It turns out that Galacta is actually pregnant!

Powers & Abilities 

Galacta defines herself as a semi- godlike nigh-omniscient cosmic entity whose powers are like those of her father, just on a much smaller scale. Being young, using most of her powers are still difficult for her to use, such as her cosmic awareness, but she is still trying to teach herself to control them. Her recently discovered pregnancy however, has dramatically affected her powers in a way that will hinder her ability to control them until, at the very least, she has given birth.

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