Wonder Woman

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Gail took over Wonder Woman and my I say thank the Gods. Just a few issues in and already Gail is transforming WW into the hero she is suppose to be.

Thank you Gail Simone. Awsome!!!

PS the art is freaking great.

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#2 Posted by Ms. Invisible (3331 posts) - - Show Bio

I know. Go Gail. The Dodson team are great artists too. I love the way they draw WW.

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#3 Posted by zero edge (3991 posts) - - Show Bio

Started reading WW again because Gail is writing it. She writes great stories for female characters.

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#4 Posted by Hawkingbird (384 posts) - - Show Bio

Gail Simone writes great stories, period.

Welcome to Tranquility? Awesome.
All New Atom? Awesome.
Action Comics? SUPER!

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#5 Posted by Erik (32502 posts) - - Show Bio

Sweet! I will grab a few issues.

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