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    Gaggy Gagsworthy was once a member of the circus before joining the Joker in a life of crime. As part of the circus, Gaggy was a tightrope walker until the circus hired a new act, The Flying Graysons. Gaggy was then sent to be a clown and part of a freakshow, which he resented.
    During an act in which Gaggy lashed out on one of his fellow clowns, he caught the attention of the Joker. Willing to kill anyone for laughs, Gaggy teamed up with the Joker, becoming Joker's answer to Robin. Together they committed many crimes using gags and props. They were eventually sent to jail after being defeated by Batman and Robin. 
    After Joker lost it one day and killed six other inmates. Joker was sent to Arkham and Gaggy was left in prison. Once released, Gaggy returned to their old lair, ready to continue his life of crime with the Joker. But he soon learned that Joker had a new sidekick, Harley Quinn. He believes Harley has changed the Joker from the fun loving Clown Prince of Crime into a psycopath. 


     Being that he was from the circus as a tight rope acrobat Gaggy has incredible amounts of agility and acrobatic prowess good enough to compete with Dick Grayson, Harley Quin, and Catwoman. As well he has shown to be a formidable h2h fighter being able to take on the likes of Harley Quin, a young Dick Grayson and Catwoman in h2h. His most powerful ability is his ear shattering sonic scream. His scream is powerful enough to destroy a funhouse house of mirrors and knock Catwoman, Harley Quin, and Poison Ivy out of commission due to its ear shattering high pitched frequency. As well like the Joker Gaggy carries an assortment of deadly joke gags and Joker toxin around with him.

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