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    Gadriel was originally Heaven’s weapon master.   He lost the position after teaching humans how to make weapons.   He was than demoted to the rank of Grigori.   As a Grigori Gadriel watched over humanity but liked humanities flaws too much.   He slept with human women and drank liquor along with his fellow Grigori.   Eventually this angered God and he casts the Grigori out except for Gadriel who was given one final chance.  

    Major Story Arcs

    Gadriel was assigned as a Guardian Angel.   Gadriel even given this last chance did not get over his earthly desires of women and booze.   Which lead him to fail his duty since he was supposed to watch over Frank Castle and his family.   Instead, he was with women at the time completely ignoring his duty as a Guardian Angel the day Frank Castle’s family was murdered.   He then failed again to prevent Frank Castle from killing himself.         

    Finding out that his fellow Grigori were being killed and robbed of their divine essence by Olivier.   Knowing that Olivier was behind the murder of Frank’s family and his suicide Gadriel resurrects Castle by infusing him with some of his angelic essence. He hoped by them working together to stop Olivier that Castle might forgive him for failing to save him and his family and that the Punisher might be forgiven for all the lives he has taken.  

    The two are eventually captured by Olivier and his Stalkers.   They manage to break free and fight Olivier and his group.   During the battle Frank using angelic weapons given to him by Gadriel and Bruno Olivier’s mortal brother using a demonic weapon engage in battle and end up causing a dimensional rift.   Olivier gets blasted into the rift and his physical form is destroyed.   Gadriel knowing he needs to close the rift flies into it sacrificing himself to permanently seal the rift.   After he perishes Punisher forgives him for failing to save his family and himself.     


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