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    Gadget is a designer of a variety of advanced weapons for numerous criminals. He is highly intellegent.

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    Working With Willis Stryker . . . A.K.A. Diamonback

    His first appearance has the intelligent man known as Gadget working for Willis Stryker, A.K.A. Diamondback. Being his closest associate, Gadget was key to making Diamondback a super villain. He made the special knives that Willis attempted to kill Luke Cage with. After Willis' death, Gadget disappears.


    Gadget was created by Archie Goodwin and George Tuska in 1972 and first appeared in Hero For Hire # 2. 

    Getting an International Job Reference

    Gadget later shows up assisting the Bushmaster, an international crime boss. Gadget designs a machine that recreates the process that gave Luke Cage his dense skin and strength. After Bushmaster's defeat, again Gadget disappears. 

    Clearing the name of Carl Lucas

    It should be noted that Gadget is the key player in proving Luke Cage's innocence. Gadget recorded all of Willis Stryker's criminal activities as future reassurance for any sticky situations Gadget may encounter while working for him. One of the recordings is of Willis planting drugs in Cage's apartment. Misty Knight forcefully convinces Gadget to turn over the footage. After this, Gadget disappears again. 

    In Today's World . . .

    It is possible that Gadget is still operating as a master gadget designer for villains, and if so he has managed to successfully operate without ever going to jail or incurring the attention of superheroes.     

    Skills & Abilities

    Gadget is extremely intelligent, and highly calculating. His abilities are all natural.

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