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Abrihim Barrabas was a gladiator who convert to christianism in the begginings of the modern era, when christians wer persecuted in the roman empire. Unknown to him, Abrihim was also a reincarnation of Prince Khufu and manifested wings when he and his friends were condemned todie in the arena. However with his awakened abilities, than Abrihim considered given by God, Abrihim saved them and gained a reputation as gladiator, to disgust of the governor of the province who put him to fight against several teams of gladiators. Abrihim defeated them once and again, growing confident in his abilities more and more until he believed he was angel Gabriel himself and grew in arrogance.

For three years Abrihim resisted until the roman governor put him against a monstrous lion believed to be the incarnation of the Lion Avatar. The abilities of Gabriel were not enough and blinded by his pride, he fell under the claws of the lion avatar.

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