Gabriel Hernandez Walta

    Person » Gabriel Hernandez Walta is credited in 212 issues.

    A Spanish comic book artist and painter.

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    Work History


    When Marvel editor CB Cebulski was given the task to find the next generation of rising comic books stars, he scoured the planet to find the newest artistic talents that no one had heard of.

    The final collection of artists were immediately put to task in the two-issue mini series Breaking into Comics the Marvel Way, the second issue of which featured an alternate universe story starring the New Mutants, drawn by Gabriel Hernandez Walta. However, due to unforeseen scheduling problems, this wasn't the first example of his work to be published. Instead, the comic buying public had already seen his distinctive style in a mini story about Blink's resurrection at the hands of Selene during the Necrosha one-shot issue X-Necrosha: The Gathering.

    Marvel & IDW Publishing

    Since then, Gabriel Hernandez Walta has continued to provide art for various X-Men related mini stories. As he hasn't signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, Gabriel Hernandez Walta has also provided art for a couple of IDW Publishing's volumes, including The Veil & Zombies Vs. Robots.

    Personal Life

    Very little is known about Gabriel Hernandez Walta's personal life, other than the fact that his is "taken" which was how he described himself on his Flickr account where he can be seen happily holding his baby.


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