Gabe Acheron

    Character » Gabe Acheron appears in 13 issues.

    Gabe was chosen by the Silver Surfer to be rescued from the destruction of Earth

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    Gabe is the son of billionaire Stewart Acheron. One night he was abducted from his bed by the Silver Surfer.
    He was taken to the Great Ark because he was special. Gabe was extremely intelligent and chosen to lead the new race of humans when they repopulated the world after it's destruction by Marduk. The Silver Surfer used his Power Cosmic to accelerate Gabe's evolution at his request. 
    This caused unrest in Gabe, who could no longer be controlled by the ship's sleep encoding. The Surfer believed Gabe ready to know the truth and separated him from the others, but gave him companionship with Ellie Waters. They both soon learned they were being made content by the ship and would never see their parents again. Gabe protests but the Surfer tells him that he cannot save his world. Gabe must stay aboard the ship.
    Gabe was shown the truth about Marduk by the Silver Surfer. Gabe was to help the human race evolve so that Marduk need never come again. He then takes Gabe to Sof. Here Gabe learns how degenerate the human race really is compared to the residents on Sof. He finally wants to fulfill his expectations.
    When Gabe is informed by the Silver Surfer that Earth is to be abandoned, Gabe wonders why they must do this. It is here that there is a rivalry between him and Noah, who believes he should lead the children. Later, they have another confrontation where Gabe shows Noah the power he possesses and why he was chosen. 
    When Gabe learns that his father has been killed from the ship, Gabe takes control and plans to take the ship to Earth to defend against Marduk's attack. He uses his power to alter the other childrens genetic codes and they rebel against the other teachers aboard the ship. Noah tries to stop him from his recklessness, but in anger he kills Noah. This is the event that makes Marduk decide to destroy Earth entirely. 
    The Great Ark plummets toward Earth and lands deep in the Pacific Ocean. It causes a massive chain reaction on Earth bringing death and destruction. Only now does Gabe realize the error of his ways. Earth is destroyed, all because of Gabe.
    Ellie eventually uses her power to restore the Earth and erase the events of Marduk.


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