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does anyone use sand jutsu's besides gaara? Also, can anyone, or is it one of the Shukkakus powers?

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#2 Posted by Heart of Infinity (1087 posts) - - Show Bio

the Third Kazakage and Sasori's of the Red Sands puppet technique

this sand is even deadlier then Gaara's beacause its iron sand.

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#3 Posted by Resonate (14551 posts) - - Show Bio

Well, in an essence anyone could...but Gaara is the only one really able to make it useful because of Shukaku

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#4 Posted by Dark_Angel65 (38 posts) - - Show Bio

Well not really, because after Shukaku was removed he could still manipulate sand to his will.

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#5 Posted by SUNMAN (7824 posts) - - Show Bio

it was shown he could manipulate sand to his will, however we do not know to what extent. One would assume he has a lot less chakra now so hew would not be as strong or able to move/manipulate sand with his chakra as for as long as before.

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