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    G-Man Comics, publisher of G-Man Comics 3in1, G-Men United and Simon N. Kirby, the Agent.

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    G-Men Comics was created in September of 2019. After a almost year of publishing comics fanzines, the founders, Rik Offenberger, Jim Burrows, and Eric Bennett decided to start publishing original material.

    In August 2020, they launched their first Kickstarter, and published issues #1 and 2 of Simon N. Kirby, the Agent a few months later, along with a Handbook of the G-Man Universe and a set of trading cards. The stories in both issues were by Rik Offenberger, with art by Gilbert Monsanto, Alan Faria and Steven Butler. The handbook and cards included characters from the two issues as well as those expected to be published in coming months, and included art by Mark Lester and Tavis Carenas. As a fannish promotion Borgy Borgonia also did a cover.

    In March 2021, they launched their second Kickstarter and by the end of April digital copies of Simon N. Kirby, the Agent #3, G-Man Comics 3in1 #1, and G-Men United #1 were shipping, with paper editions scheduled to ship during May.

    As its name would suggest, 3in1 is an anthology book with a story by each of the three founders. G-Men United is also an anthology title, with issue #1 including stories by Offenberger, Burrows and Earl Wajenberg.

    The artists from the first Kickstarter were joined by Michael Netzer, David Ellis Leary, Joshua 1:9 Holley, Fish Lee, Dean Juliette, Luis Rivera, Pepito Sioc, Mike Cody, Jason Contini, Miguel Alejandro Neira Balbontin and Karl Vesterberg.



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