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    G- force are Japan's secret agents that prevents earth's conquest from alien invaders.

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    G-Force is the secret agent team created by Chief Anderson of the International Science Organization (ISO). Chief Anderson is the Chief of Security of the ISO as well as the Governing Board Member of the United Global Alliance (UGA) and reporting to United Global Alliance President Frances Kane.

    The ISO was originally formed to combat the common ills of the planet including the elimination of pollution and advancing technological and scientific research for the betterment of mankind. Their goals to eliminate hunger and disease as well as the general safety and security of the planet were driving forces.

    Knowing that there were threats beyond the recent wars, and suspecting an enemy of an extraterrestrial nature, Chief Anderson felt more needed to be done after the defeat of the Chaos Republic, mercenary forces recently defeated by United Armed Forces squadrons, and the reason for the formation of the United Global Alliance.

    It was during the war against the Chaos Republic that the ISO stumbled onto the existence of another force that was an even greater threat to mankind than the Chaos Republic. Chief Anderson believed that the force was extraterrestrial in nature from a planet known as Spectra and that Spectra was quietly invading Earth with the ultimate goal of global domination and conquest. Ultimately, they intended to enslave the entire populace.

    With the defeat of the Chaos Republic, ISO quietly turned their attention to the Spectran invaders in order to spy on them and gather as much information as possible. The spies were gathered from their existing forces as well as allies from during the Chaos Republic Front Wars.

    In addition to those forces and spies, Chief Anderson also took the initiative and gathered a group of young people that he secretly trained and modified to combat the Spectran Enemy. That group of individuals is known as G-Force.

    Although their initial training was focused on espionage, it soon became evident that they would need to prepare for a more active role for special circumstances such as combat and infiltration, more combat oriented than the normal spy. Each of the young members, five in total, was trained in special equipment and vehicles in order to meet the oncoming threat head on.

    It was during this time that Spectra began to increase their Doomsday style attacks, first with the attack of a Giant Robot/Beast dubbed by ISO as the Iron Terrapin. The first job of G-Force was to stop the Iron Terrapin at which time it was Chief Anderson’s recommendation to President Kane that they fully activate G-Force as they were the only trained and organized force prepared to combat Spectra.

    G-Force is the product of Project Gatchaman, a group that was originally established as an international peacekeeping service to any requesting such help. However, with the rise of Spectra, their mission was changed in order to combat the more direct threat posed on a Global Scale by the off world enemy.

    Answering only to the President and Chief Anderson, G-Force was headed by and dispatched from Neptune Research Facility and monitored with special earpieces and video monitoring for progress and success or failure of missions. With a support staff of hundreds of individuals as Center Neptune, the entire G-Force staff, including the scientists, mechanics and administrative staff are focused on combating and stopping Spectra.

    Quick and agile in operations, G-Force is an “at need” force able to function independently outside of the normal chain of command. They are able to go where they are needed when they are needed without multiple layers of bureaucracy to slow or stop their progress. Their response time, due technological advancement, is two hours and they can be on site anywhere on the globe in that time.


    The Team for G-Force was chosen from young individuals for the ability to adapt, retain knowledge and for the time needed for their bodies to adapt to preparation required for the coming rigors they would endure.

    In addition to extensive physical and mental preparation and discipline over the course of ten years, each individual was implanted with various Cerebonic devices to increase mental and physical capabilities (See section on Cerebonics).

    The leader of the team is Mark, Team Commander and Call Sign G-1. He is courageous, considerate, tactful and patient. The second member is Jason, Weapons and Tactical Specialist as well as Navigator, Call Sign G-2. His personality is that of a crass and impatient individual but is viewed as a defense mechanism from his turbulent past. Princess, Call Sign G-3, is a Reconnaissance, Electronics and Explosives expert and serves as the Communications for the Team. She is insightful, compassionate and intelligent. Keyop is also Recon and Communications but also serves the additional task of Data Interpretation. He is the youngest member of the team and his Call Sign is G-4. The final member is Tiny, Call Sign G-5, is not as quick and agile as the rest of the team but is a masterful pilot of the Phoenix and was quickly chosen to be permanent pilot of the ship. He is skilled at tactical but excels beyond that as a pilot. He is both the most stable member of the group and the strongest.


    In addition to physical training, the team is equipped with five vehicles for their use in missions. The Command Ship is the Phoenix and works in conjunction with, and combines with, the Summit Jet piloted by Mark, the Space Mobile piloted by Jason, the Galacticycle piloted by Princess and the Star Buggy piloted by Keyop. When combined together and docked with the Phoenix, they are a versatile and effective fighting force that can responds to nearly any emergency.

    Along with specialized vehicles, the team has a variety of weapons as well. Feather Darts, three varieties, come as a simple spiked dart, a spiked dart with side barbs as well as a rocket powered dart with a spike point.

    A Variety of mini-bombs are carried by each member and detonates on impact when thrown.

    Each member of the team has a tracking device in the heel of their boot as well as timing mechanisms that are carried in the other boot heel.

    Explosive Powder and Explosive Putty are also carried for a variety of uses as needed.

    Although these are a few examples of the weaponry carried by G-Force, they can be armed with various other weaponry at need.

    Each member of G-Force wears a Wrist Communicator on their left wrist. Along with the capability of communicating to any other member of the team no matter where they are on the planet, the communicators allow for a variety of transformations/transmutation of each team member and their vehicle. Besides transmuting from normal clothing into their associated uniform, each Wrist Communicator can transform their vehicle from Civilian to Mission Mode and back as well as each or all team members as required. The various modes can occur in over a dozen combinations.

    The uniforms of the G-Forces members must be within the field (radius) of their individual Wrist Communicator or return to the civilian mode also known as the Memory Shape. Although certain elements of the uniform can be removed, they must remain in the field to continue as their transformed version.

    The G-Force uniform cape provides additional protection as well as providing limited flight and gliding capabilities. Element proof in any form, the clothing also keeps each members body temperature constant no matter the environment and is bullet resistant regardless of mode. Other projectiles are also resisted such as energy bolts, darts, knives, arrows, and spears and similar.

    The bird motif of each uniform was chosen by the members of the team.

    Helmets: In addition to basic protection, the helmets in conjunction with the visor and wrist communicator provide basic scanning data, a Heads-Up Display, various viewing modes including infrared, heat detection and X-Ray as well as other spectrums. Basic material analysis and status displays can be shown as well and a loud speaker option is available as well.

    Mark, Jason and Princess have antennae on the back of their helmets providing a direct like to the master computer at Center Neptune. This allows them to call up needed files when away from the Center or the Phoenix.

    The helmets have Active and Passive Modes and can be turned off if needed.

    The heels of each team member’s boots contain false bottoms which can be packed with a variety of small, needed items. The boots also have special soles for gripping surfaces as well as electromagnets which allow for sticking to surfaces which is useful for escaping or stealth.


    Each member of G-Force carries an individual weapon in the field besides the weapons common to the team.

    Mark, Commander of the team, carries a Sonic Boomerang that resembles a bird of prey. The weapon, when thrown, extends wings and emits a signal can that temporarily disable an opponent and render them unconscious. The “wings” of the weapon are sharpened which makes them an effective weapon for slicing or as an edged weapon as needed. Inside the pointed nose of the weapon is a hollow where explosives can be planted and the nose is a pointed spike to penetrate and stick into surfaces. Although the boomerang has no method of propulsion and has to be thrown, it does have a homing device that will ensure that it returns to Mark’s hand when thrown. Each G-Force member’s helmet neutralizes the signal of the boomerang.

    Jason’s unique weapon (Tiny has a similar weapon) is an advanced Cable Gun, air powered/driven, that can fire a variety of projectiles, act as a drill or cutting torch depending on the nose attachments used or projectiles that can be used as knockout gas bombs, darts or flash grenades. As the name states, the Cable Gun can fire a cable from the front or rear of the gun and the reel is stored inside the gun. The cable can support the weight of three adults and reel in.

    Princess carries a very special Yo-Yo that is an effective offensive and defensive weapon. The Yo-Yo can be filled with explosive charges or putty at need but her Yo-Yo also has a built in timing device in the event the team needs a timed distraction or escape. Besides explosives, the Yo-Yo has an electrical charge that can be used to incapacitate an opponent through electrical shock or to detonate the internal explosive. The wire can support Princess’ weight.

    Keyop’s Clackers, as they are known, is a bolo type weapon with a metal wire connecting two weights together. Functioning like a bolo, it can be used to trip, capture or knock out an opponent or an explosive can be enclosed as with Princess’ Yo-Yo or Mark’s Boomerang.

    Tiny carries an Air Gun like Jason’s although with less capabilities and smaller. He does carry a large variety of suction cups, darts and edged items that can be fired from the gun. It can also fire a cable that will support Tiny’s weight as well as of an individual in need of rescue.


    Each member of G-Force has Cerebonic Implants. The enhancements of these implants increase balance, stamina, endurance, senses, health and mental acuity as well as many other benefits. The team members can continue to function under duress and go far longer without sleep or food than normal individuals, up to a week before feeling ill effects (if necessary but not recommended). The Cerebonics required a great deal of training in order for the team to function with them.

    Although the exact nature of the implants are not divulged, it is shown that they produce results where G-Force functions well beyond the means of normal humans. What is known is that the team can turn the implants on and off, activating them when needed for extraordinary feats. Through years of training, the team has learned to control the implants and their specific functions and increase one element of the implants without activating other implants, for example a learning implant without activating a physical implant.

    Activating implants too often can create strain on the system and stress on the heart, muscles or nervous system. The implants do increase the use of natural chemicals to the point of overproduction which are normally harmless but in high levels can cause sickness or death. These chemicals need to be dispelled through normal exertion or can build up and cause health problems.


    Through the use of extraordinary weapons, abilities and the support of ISO, the G-Force Team is called on to confront their first threat, the Iron Terrapin. Through the use of their technology and quick thinking, the G-Force was able to defeat the initial threat to Earth though only barely. But Zoltar and Spectra have only just begun their conquest of Earth.


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