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    In a very late future, the Inheritors travelled to our time to conquer it. Their enemy, the city of Terminus send genetic bombs back in this time, seeding the Human race with the potential for Great Powers. Most reach the late 20th Century and are used to create the powerful a Futurians!

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    The Futurians was a superhero team created by Dave Cockrum which was launched in 1983 by the Marvel Graphic Novels series, then in a three-issue run published by Lodestone Comics.

    A four-issue mini-series written and drawn by David Miller, with colors by Joe Rubenstein, focused on the character of Avatar and showed some of his history as he returned home to London and fought Morgan Le Fay. It was then published in 2010 by David Miller Studios.


    In the Beginning/or Future

    The creative genius of Legendary Dave Cockrum
    The creative genius of Legendary Dave Cockrum

    The premise was of an extremely advanced future society called the Terminus, who attempted to alter the past by sending genetic information back through time, to give certain human beings super-powers ,and a mental drive to use them, in order to enable them to stop some unnamed disaster.

    In the late 20th Century, a future inhabitant known only as "Vandervecken" or "The Dutchman" downloaded his mind into the body of a hobo who later becomes the owner of the Future Dynamics corporation; Vandervecken then began gathering up those who had been empowered to begin preparing them for their historic battles.

    The Futurians first (and only) appearance in Marvel comics was in Marvel Graphic Novel #9. With story and art by Dave Cockrum, The tale revolved around a future war on Earth against a Mutant Army called "The Inheritors", which culminated in The Inheritors using an enormous tractor-cannon called the Sky-Gripper to pull the Moon towards the Human base, Terminus.

    This act destroyed the world, but Terminus was saved thanks to an impenetrable force field. However, Earth was no longer inhabitable, so the Humans decided to use an experimental device called the Transtemporal Projector to timeshift their essence into Humans of past generations. The Human leader, Callistrax, would timeshift his essence into a multi-millionaire named Vandervecken, owner of a vast industrial and highly secretive technological empire called Future Dynamics.

    Enter the Futurians

    Vandervecken has summoned seven people to Future Dynamics, who find out that they are the first results of an intensive experimental training program. They are given special costumes based on their abilities, then placed in a cocoon-like machine where a giant ball of sunflame from the future streaks out from space and into the machine, turning the seven trainees into The Futurians.

    Futurians !!! Fight for the future of Earth
    Futurians !!! Fight for the future of Earth

    The story continues as the Futurians split into groups of two as attacks break out around the world. Blackmane and Terrayne head out to St. Louis, where the Inheritors have infiltrated via underground using a giant drilling machine. Avatar and Silkie head to San Diego to battle a giant sea serpent. Werehawk and Mosquito go to Chicago to deal with the Inheritors' Aerial Fortress, and Sunswift and Silver Shadow investigate a bizarre energy manifestation sucking up nuclear weapons in the southwest.

    Terrayne seems virtually unstoppable as he moves underground and comes up to ambush a giant proton blaster. Silkie's giant torrents of water annihilate anything in their path. There is no stopping Werehawk's frenzy once transformed, and when enraged will attack a fellow Futurian in a heartbeat. And then there is Sunswift, the most powerful character. There is seemingly no limit to her blazing, Solar Wrath.

    Once all threats are thwarted by the Futurians, the Inheritors use the Sky-Gripper to pull a giant Meteor to the Earth, causing mass damage. The Futurians' eventually find the Inheritor's stronghold as a battle ensues.

    The Inheritors had been defeated, but a new threat had risen from the fallen Meteors that were pulled down by the Sky-Gripper. The Futurians are sent to investigate, and along the way they meet a few other heroes, Doctor Zeus, Hammerhand and Ms. Mercury. Jack O'Finagle also shows up, an old man who seems to know everything about everyone and drops a few hints to help the team out.

    Eventually the Futurians discover that an infestation of incredibly powerful giant worms called F'Wyrrn have landed on Earth, consuming everything in their path. They later find out that the F'Wyrrn are using humans as hosts for implanting their eggs, and all hell breaks loose as the worms attack and begin to kidnap some of the team members for breeding.

    A dramatic moment occurs when the team tries to find Mosquito's family home, only to find it destroyed by a meteor in the previous arc. This moment brings Mosquito to tears, and the team leaves the area...not realizing that Mosquito's sister is still alive under the rubble.

    Bathed in Sunswift's light
    Bathed in Sunswift's light

    They eventually discover the worms nest underground, and a morbid discovery is made as several team members have been implanted with eggs. As powerful as the Futurians are the giant worms' power is tenfold. The kidnapped Futurians are eventually saved, and the origin of the F’Wyrrn is revealed after Silkie shares a psychic link with one of them. The plan is to consume the entire planet, then move on to the next one.

    The military decides to just drop an A-bomb on the worms, which is just going to annihilate whatever was left of Manhattan. Mosquito's sister Sylvie finally escapes the rubble, thankful to be alive...only to find a nuclear bomb about to drop from overhead. Sylvie screams in terror as the nuclear blast envelopes her skeleton.

    The fighting continues as the A-bomb is dropped, but fails to kill off the F'Wyrrn. As the battle rages on they realize that the A-bomb which was used to destroy the F'Wyrrn actually makes them grow bigger. Werehawk endures a further metamorphosis of sorts as he evolves into a giant griffon, which the team end up having to take down. Chaos in full effect, Vandervecken makes an emergency call to Sunswift for help. He also gives the team a stockade of Molecular Scrambler guns which seem to help take a few worms down.

    Sunswift enters the battle only to succumb to the powerful force of the molecular scrambler guns, resulting in a huge explosion. Critically injured, Sunswift must return to her daystar to survive. She rushes out into space and falls unconscious as her body just barely makes it into the Sun. Filled with Solar Wrath, Sunswift blazes out of the Sun and conjures a mighty vortex that sucks the entire island of Manhattan into space, dropping it on Jupiter. And we get a bit of a better ending this time, as the whole team tells Blackmane to shut up after another one of his annoying rants.


    Avatar: The first empowered human, when we first meet him he is, unknown to Vandervecken, already functionally immortal and has an intuitive ability, which allows him to make accurate predictions based on seemingly insufficient data. Vandervecken's process gives him the additional powers of flight, super strength, and invulnerability. He also has over three thousand years of knowledge and experience in strategy and tactics. He is the only Futurian to have overcome his genetic conditioning to obey Vandervecken. He has had many names and identities throughout the centuries, the most recent being Andrew Pendragon.

    Vandervecken: The mind of a future time traveler in the body of vagabond who later becomes a millionaire scientific genius. He has vast knowledge of future events and technology.

    Terrayne: Geologist Harry Robbins has become a living mud-man who can manipulate rock and earth. At first he is permanently trapped in this form, but Vandervecken supplies him with a ring that allows him to become human again.

    Silkie: Marine biologist Tracy Winters becomes a green-skinned amphibian with the ability to breathe underwater at great depths, fire bio-electrical blasts, control and shape water, and transform into a humanoid/manta ray-like form, which allows her to fly or swim at great speeds.

    Werehawk: Matthew Blackfeather, an attorney for the Dakota Indian tribe, can turn into a clawed, flying hawk-like humanoid; however, when he does so, he can become overwhelmed by predatory instincts and a berserker rage. If he loses control entirely, he turns fully into a giant raptor bird.

    Silver Shadow: Ex-spy Jonathan Darknyte is able to become a living shadow, who can merge with, animate, or teleport through shadows and darkness.

    Mosquito: Dana Morgan gains the ability to fly and generate ultrasonic energy. She also carries a gun that fires anesthetic or explosive darts.

    Sunswift: A living fire elemental from Egypt, Neith can survive in space or in the Sun's corona where she currently resides, generate solar-temperature plasma, and fly at tremendous speeds. She is also the former lover of Andrew Pendragon from ancient times. Sunswift must shed a great deal of her power before she enters a planetary atmosphere for fear of accidentally destroying anything around her. But even after doing so, she is still a very formidable opponent.

    Blackmane: Walter Bonner becomes a lion-like being with razor-sharp talons and superhuman strength and agility.


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