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    Character » Future Raphael appears in 21 issues.

    Older and more hard-edged Raphael from an alternate future. He has traveled back in time to help TMNT several times. Future Raph wears an eye-patch as he lost an eye during a conflict with Shredder and Verminator X.

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    Traveling back through time and space, two new turtles emerged from a rift created by the time slip generator, the two turtles claimed to be Raphael and Donatello and that they needed the help of their past selves to defeat Shredder, Armaggon, and Verminator-X, who had captured the future versions of Leonardo and Michelangelo.

    Future Raph is far more cold and jaded then his past self, his loss of an eye to armaggon has little to do with it, but his falling out with Ninjara, the death of Master Splinter, and numerous other tragedies have led him to become blunt, cold, and sometimes vicious. The Future Raph is plagued with horrible nightmares, ones where he dies atop a pile of his enemies after single handedly killing them all, and enjoys his own death.

    In the future, Raph is depicted to have "retired" from crime fighting has married a humanoid cayote named Mezcaal and runs a restuarant together on an island called Turtleco (formerly known as Manhattan).

    Action Figure

    Though Future Raph has never been depicted in the fan favorite look of his leather jacket, baseball cap, and eye-patch, Playmates Toys did release a version of him in his Cyber Samurai power suit as part of their last waves of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line.


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