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My thoughts on Future Quest#5: " The Wheel of History."

My thoughts on Future Quest#5: "The Wheel of History."

It's still "Good"and I like how they brought Mightor into 2016 , as well The Impossibles being introduce . For me I grew up watching Space Ghost , Frankenstein Jr. in late 60's and 70's on TV ,but in comics I think Johnny Quest Ect.. never had good comic until now .do I see being on going Issue ? I going to say No , because it need to be in brought into The DCU , like with JSA or Teen Titans as a Crossover even ,like they did with The Red Circle Arc vs Impact . In closing The Future Quest arc is still fun to read and should be given a try .


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    The Impossibles are my all-time favourites - but there are too many changes here for me. The new female member is a deal-breaker as I feel she will take some attention from the originals and affect the dynamic/camaraderie between them which is such a great part of the cartoon. I feel her addition was just for PC reasons; I'm female myself and not a very traditional type, either; but adding this character actually makes me feel EXcluded as it's too much of a change to my favourites for me! Same w...

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