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Born in the year 1,000,000 A.D. Future Man, went back to the year 1946 in order to conquer the past due to his Earth`s timeline being a planet of devastation. He decided to ally himself with Madame Death, a 1940`s crimboss, to achieve his goal.  
Madame Death and Future Man first tried to create a disease called the Green Plague Germ, which would kill hundreds when they would release it in the Swiss Alps, but they were stopped by Captain America and Bucky
They next went to the Diablo Center in South America and created the Slow-Down Machine, which paralyzed countless people, but they were opposed by The Whizzer
Then they went to the coast of China to create a tidal wave capable of destroying Asia, but they were thwarted by Namor the Sub-Mariner
Again they travelled, this time to Egypt, where they resurrected mummies using a device called the Life Battery, but they were stopped by Miss America
They then went to North America but ended up being thwarted by the Human Torch and Toro
Eventually they were confronted by the entire All-Winners Squad, and so they fought on Future Man's ship. Once again on the verge of defeat, Madame Death and Future Man tried to escape to the future, but Captain America ended up sabotaging the ship, causing Future Man and Madame Death to hurtle aimlessly into the past.  
Madame Death eventually managed to return back to the present after Future Man had spent years attempting to fix his ship. As it turned out however, Future Man perished from an ancient illness during that time, leading Madame Death to seek vengeance against the All-Winners Squad using what was left of Future Man's technology.  

Powers and Abilities

Future Man had access to countless highly-advanced devices from his time that he was able to use for such things as shifting into an intangible astral form, weather control, ray guns, and more. 
He also had access to a flying ship with capabilites such as cloaking technology, time travel, as well as housing all his futurisitic devices. 
Being from a distant future, Future Man also had knowledge of certain future events, due to them having actually been history for him.

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