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    Character » Future Gohan appears in 16 issues.

    Future Gohan is the alternate future counterpart of Gohan. Unlike his present self, Future Gohan is a very serious fighter and is the mentor and best friend of Future Trunks.

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    This page is for the future timeline version of Gohan. For the main timeline, please see the Gohan page.


    In the alternate timeline, Gohan hails from the true original timeline (one without a Future Trunks coming back in time, obviously) and because of this, the events that unfold are far different from those in the main series. Due to the death of his father caused by a lethal heart virus, and then the murders of the Z-Fighters by the androids and the Dragon Balls becoming useless forever, due to Future Piccolo's death and Future Kami's death as the Z Fighters are unable to be wished back to life, Gohan's life is altered drastically.

    Unlike the present timeline of Gohan who became a scholar, Future Gohan became a complete warrior who is very serious and aggressive who trains himself everyday for the next 13 years, so he can be able to take down the androids, and over time, develops a close relationship to Trunks, the son of Vegeta and Bulma. As the last remaining Z Fighter, and by extension, family member generation (because he never met Videl, or started a relationship with her) he continuously takes it upon himself to challenge the androids, even though he is outnumbered and outclassed. Gohan becomes a Super Saiyan sometime during the years-long struggle against the androids.

    Many years later during the battle against the androids, Gohan lost his arm and gained a scar on his face. But this did not stop him from wanting to stop the Androids or train Trunks.

    Gohan remains as Trunks' teacher and mentor till the end as the time the Androids struck again, Gohan decided to fight them on his own without putting Trunks in danger as he is still not ready to fight the androids in the position he is in now.

    In the final battle against the androids, Gohan tries his hardest to keep his defenses up, but the androids were just too much for him and he ends getting killed when the two androids knock him down and continuously blast Gohan with continuous energy waves, killing him. Trunks awakens when Gohan's ki depletes. He then searches the city, only to find Gohan's dead body laying in a pool of blood and water. Future Gohan's death causes Trunks transform into a Super Sayian for the very first time.


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