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After becoming discouraged by how Earth's scientists viewed science and its applications, Mr. Fantastic formed a new group to create a better future for all of humanity. Gathering some young, great minds, Mr. Fantastic planned to mold them into a team that would come up with solutions to the world's problems. Among these brilliant minds were Alex Power (the oldest member of the family superhero team known as Power Pack), the young mutants Artie and Leech, the Subterranean Moloids known as Tong, Mik, Korr, and Turg, a now inelegant Dragon Man, the young clone of supervillain the Wizard named Thirty-Two and Reed Richards' own daughter Valeria.


The Future Foundation first appeared in Fantastic Four #579 in July 2010 and were created by Jonathan Hickman.

Major Story Arcs

Future Foundation

Future Foundation
Future Foundation

This band of adventurers have been solving a few complicated problems since their founding, including a serum that would change the Thing back into Ben Grimm one week out of the year. However, the group could not stop the events that led to a member of the Fantastic Four apparently dying in battle. While the group was in the Negative Zone trying to close a gate through which an army of insectoids called the Annihilation Wave were planning to enter Earth through the dimensional gate in the Baxter Building, Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch sacrificed himself to close the gate manually on the wrong side of the portal. It was the only way to do it, according to Valeria and Thirty-Two.

The seeming demise of the Human Torch left the Fantastic Four devastated and incomplete. The group disbanded soon afterward. All the other members of the old Fantastic Four team joined the Future Foundation, including new member Spider-Man.

War of the Four Cities

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After learning of Valeria's alliance with Doom, Reed agrees to assist in restoring his intelligence. He journeys to Latveria with Spider-Man, Valeria, Nathaniel and Doom. They successfully restore Doom's mind by copying Kristoff's brainwave patterns. With his intelligence restored, Valeria reveals the reason behind it. Doom will help her defeat her father.

Doom summons Diablo, the Mad Thinker, the High Evolutionary and the Wizard to the Baxter Building to assist the FF and himself. The Watcher also arrives to witness the event that is occurring. Presumably, they've all been gathered together to defeat the alternate universe Reeds that have been trapped in the 616 reality.

Video Game Appearance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

The Thing, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic and Spider-Man's Future Foundation costumes are obtainable in the Facebook game. All costumes have a unique set of special features.


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