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The comic is appropriately titled New New New York:

Never fails. The fact that it seems like the last Futurama comic of the year, is often times the best comic of the year. In this one Fry and Bender are out late at night and notice that New New York is not what it used to be. It is free of anything evil or criminal. Fry goes to talk to Leela, Amy, everyone else about the changes, they all tell him he's getting old and doesn't see the changes like he does. Hermes and Zoidberg even declared him legally dead.

Then Fry has an encounter with a mysterious man with a robe who is part of an alien group called The Developers. Nobody believes Fry. But Leela lends a helping hand. Best part was when Bender became a friendly and overly helpful robot. The Developers take them to see their divine plan, and even want to improve Fry and Leela as well. Then overly friendly and helpful Bender confuse the Developers and I won't give away anything else. Even Sal, Roberto, and Hattie McDougal improve.

Really funny comic and is a must have for any collector. My wife and I really enjoyed it. We even read it to our puppies. We read all the comics this year to them. Pets love Futurama, too. The Developers looked like The Observer from the latter seasons of MST3k. It's comic issues like this that make us realize that Futurama never should've been cancelled. The comics are proof that Futurama still has more to go on and mysteries to unravel. The comics have been really great this year. Going on a What-If universe, being stranded in space inside a giantic Bender, learning about Zapps history, and now we see aliens improving New New York. So that is why I don't understand sometimes the comics aren't talked about much anymore on Futurama fan sites since the series finale. Or even talk about that New upcoming APP game Release the Drones. So do whatever it takes to keep the spirit of Futurama alive!

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