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Another Terrible Issue

The third issue where Leela is a kidnap victim once again. Zapp and Kiff go to a Nature Preserve. Zapp makes Kiff put a mind control device on a huge gorilla. Once the device is set on, Zapp commands the gorilla to get Leela for him. The gorilla goes out of control, runs amuck. As this was happening, Fry and Bender play a cruel prank on Leela where she sustains an injury. The gorilla seizes Leela King Kong style. But the gorilla doesn't heed Zapps order and instead unwittingly takes Leela to a satanic cult. Fry and Bender get some hovercopters and supplies from Farnsworth to combat the gorilla who was now destroying the city. Meanwhile Leela is in the building where the cult was, gets confronted by the satanic cult who looked like rats in pigs masks and black and red robes. Once they see her, they make her take off her clothes, wear a striped prison suit, chain her up and make her work on a rockpile. Fry and Bender fight bravely, shoot down the gorilla, find out Zapp was behind it. Fry beats up Zapp, and demands he tells him where Leela is. Bender advises Fry to follow the tracks the gorilla left and Fry and Bender enter the building where the cult was. Fry pours holy water on the cult that makes them melt. Then they save Leela who sobbed as she was being rescued. They all walk off into sunset. What were the comic creators thinking that this twisted and warped excuse of a comic book would make an excellent story? Every once in a while there always has to be an episode or comic where Fry gets a positive opportunity and Leela is on the side of the wrong. The writers must really adore Fry. If you like Leela avoid this. If you get this one, your supporting the writers to make more Leela as a DiD stories. And you're making people believe that is Leela is the root cause of all Planet Express's problems and that she deserves to have horrible things happen to her. Why do the writers keep doing this to Leela? Not only on in the comics, the show. Is it so under hilarious to them when this stuff occurs to Leela?? Why not make it happen to Fry instead? Look at LATGS and the second season and you'll see what I mean. What would be the worst that could happen if Fry had been the victim in this? Fry is more eligible to be a kidnap victim, he's dumb, uneducated, has no fighting skills, and is in a future where the hazards are nothing an average man can handle. Who it should've been to begin with.

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