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Where is the logic of Fry being a hero?

This issue should be boycotted. It starts off with Fry, Leela, and Bender on a picnic. Then they get ambushed by these aliens. The aliens throw a bomb at Fry and Bender which causes them to fly away. Then they surround Leela, tie her up and put her in a carriage page. Fry and Bender then track down the planet where Leela was being held. The minute he arrives on the Planet, Fry becomes tough, strong, and powerful, while Bender is reduced to being a cowardly sidekick. While looking around the planet, They both get false leads about Leela's whereabouts. Then Fry starts shooting and killing any alien that gets in his way spewing one liners such as "I Have No Heart" and "Here Comes the Pain"! from Millers Crossing and Carlito's way. They learn Leela was being sold in a auction Fry shoots up an auction that was selling Leela. As she gets sold to a king, Then Bender and Fry chase a car that had Leela that lead them into a palace. The guards tell Fry, "selling Cyclopses into harems, we're a business! A'la Taken. And Fry shoots up the guards in the palace left and right and finally they went into the king's throne room. Bender was acting scared and cowardly throughout this issue. The king had Leela bound and gagged and he told Fry she was going to be part of his harem. Fry says a few choice words and shoots up the king as Bender screamed. Then Fry frees Leela and then they go into a spaceship and Fry orders Bender to drop a bomb on the planet. Fry even blows a kiss when the bomb dropped. Leela was actually crying when she got saved. Then back on Earth, there was a ticker tape parade in Fry's honor for his heroics. At the last page it showed Fry standing all heroically while Bender was in the background with his eyes over his face and it said, "WNYW Wishes To Thank And Commemorate Phillip J. Fry. For rescuing his cyclops girlfriend, and blowing up the evil aliens and a job well done". There is no reason to defend Fry anymore. Since Attack of the Killer App and this issue, he is now the worst character on Futurama now.

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