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    Dragon Ball

    The Fusion Dance

    The Fusion Technique (or Fusion Dance) was learned by Goku in Other World by the Metamerese. He was never able to perform the dance with anyone because none were compatible with him.

    Two beings of equal size and power must perform the dance in order for it to work. Their power levels must be identical.

    The dance must be performed in perfect symmetry. Movements and breathing must be exact or the fusion will fail. A failure usually results in a failed fusion, a powerless or sickly version of a proper fusion.

    Time Limits

    The fusion will only last 30 minutes, sometimes less depending on how much energy is used. Once the fusion is over, the beings cannot fuse again for one hour.


    The power that the Fusion Dance gives is massive and this is shown:

    • Gotenks - Goten and Trunks were like ants compared to Super Buu but upon fusing into Gotenks, they were not only able to fight Super Buu but match in strength upon going Super Saiyan 3 and get a lot of good shots.
    • Gogeta - Both of Gogeta's appearance showed Gogeta casually overpowering his enemies. In Fusion Reborn, Janemba was more powerful than SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta combined but when the Saiyans fused to form Gogeta, Janemba found himself severely outclassed and Gogeta finished him off in a matter of minutes. In GT, Omega Shenron was vastly stronger than both SSJ4 Goku and Vegeta but when they fused into SSJ4 Gogeta, Gogeta became so powerful that he was able to toy with Omega Shenron.

    Fused beings

    The only ones to do the fusion in the manga were Goten and Trunks. Their fusion resulted in the being known as Gotenks.

    In non-canon appearances (movies and Dragonball GT), Goku and Vegeta performed the dance to become Gogeta.

    Potara Fusion

    This fusion requires no technique. It is the secret of the Supreme Kai's. Their earrings can be taken and one put on the right ear of one person and on the left of another. This will draw the two together to create an incredibly powerful being.

    Time Limit

    The Potara Fusion was initially thought to be forever for any fused being but it is later revealed that only Supreme Kais have no time limit. The standard limit for non-Kais is 1 hour but like the Fusion Dance, it's time limit can be shortened depending on how much energy is used.


    The Potara Fusion gives the fusion an significant amount of power that is higher than both fusees and is noted to be superior to the Fusion Dance as it increases the fusion's power by tens of times. This is shown:

    • Vegito - In the Buu Saga, Goku and Vegeta used the Potara earrings to fuse into Vegito. In the anime, Vegito was powerful enough to simply push a super-powered ball and kick it up and brushed off Super Buu's attacks. Upon transforming into SSJ, the gap between Vegito and Super Buu was ridiculously too much to the point that Vegito utterly humilated and toyed with Super Buu for majority of the battle.

    In Super, Vegito's power grew extraordinary high as he, in his SSB form, began to slowly overpower Fusion Zamasu even after Zamasu began increasing his power.

    • Fusion Zamasu - Fusion Zamasu became incredibly powerful as he easily overpowered SSB Goku and SSB Vegeta. He was also powerful enough to fight a serious SSB Vegito and even tanked his most powerful move, the Super Kamehameha, and come out with no damage at all. This means that Fusion Zamasu was more or less equal to SSB Vegito in terms of power but his speed wasn't.
    • Kefla - Kefla is an immensely powerful fusion. In her base form, she called SSG Goku's attacks "lame" and when she transformed into SSJ, she was able to overwhelm SSB Goku even with Kaioken. At SSJ2, she gained enough power to hold her own against Ultra Instinct Goku but was later defeated.

    Known Potara Fusions

    • Old Kai- Old Kai was tricked by a witch and forced to combine with her forever. It gave him a shriveled appearance but vast magical powers.
    • Kibito-Kai- The combination of the Supreme Kai and Kibito.
    • Vegito- The Potara Fusion of Goku and Vegeta.
    • Fusion Zamasu-The Potara Fusion of Goku Black and Future Zamasu
    • Kefla-The Potara Fusion of Kale and Caulifla


    Binary Bonding

    Binary Bonding is the process of a Transformer entering into a symbiotic relationship with a smaller organic lifeform (and sometimes a smaller Transformer). Combined they create a more powerful being. This process was used to create the Targetmaster, Headmaster, and Powermasters

    Known Binary Bonded Transformers


    Combiners are groups of Transformers, usually 5 though pairs exist and can be more as well, who combine just like the name suggests into larger Transformers. The new being typically has a brand new personality and intelligence and is in essence a new being. It has been said that most natural combiners decend from Nexus Prime the first combiner and his artifact the Enigma of Combination can create combiners.

    Known Combiners


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