Fushigi Yûgi #1

    Fushigi Yûgi » Fushigi Yûgi #1 - Priestess released by Viz on October 1, 2003.

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    Miaka Yûki is an ordinary junior-high student who is suddenly spirited into the world of a book, The Universe of the Four Gods. There she becomes the priestess of the god Suzaku, and is charged with finding all seven of her Celestial-Warrior protectors.

    The Young Lady of Legends

    While at the library prepping for upcoming exams in the hopes of enrolling into an advanced high school, junior high school student Miaka Yuki is sucked into the mystical book, the Universe of the Four Gods. She is immediately set upon by slave traders, but a mysterious young man with a glowing character on his forehead rescues her, hoping to be paid for his heroics. When Miaka comes up short, the mercenary leaves, and Miaka is immediately transported back to her modern day Japan. Thinking the incident to be a dream, Miaka carries on, returning to her studies. After Miaka gets into a heated argument with her mother about their secretive activities, Miaka runs away from home, heading straight to the library. She is again, transported into the Universe of the Four Gods while thinking of the mysterious mercenary who rescued her.

    The Boy With The Demon Star

    Miaka is not troubled by her return to the book, on the contrary, is delighted to be able to do whatever she wants and have no consequences waiting for her back at home. Determined to find the man with the glowing character on his forehead, Miaka is tricked into accompanying a shady delinquent pretending to be a friend of this man. Entering into the trap, Miaka is overtaken by a gang of thieves who plan to steal her expensive looking clothes, but is saved once again, by the mercenary fighter. Now infatuated, Miaka is grateful and hopes to tag along, but he casually dismisses her, joking while an imperial escort rolls by that if she can snatch two jewels from the Emperor's crown, then he'll be more than willing to have her with him. Unfazed, Miaka clamors through the crowd and asks the Emperor if he can spare the gems she needs. She is immediately assaulted by his guards until her mercenary friend comes to her rescue again. Impressed with her bravado, he introduces himself as Tamahome, and agrees to take her under his wing. As the imperial guards come upon them, Miaka blinks into the real world, and back again, much to the amazement (and horror) of her onlookers. The Emperor immediately orders Tamahome and Miaka to be detained.

    The Priestess of Suzaku

    Miaka awakes from a dream, finding herself and Tamahome locked up in a dungeon. Meanwhile, the Emperor explains to his skeptical councilmen that he has spared his two prisoners from their immediate death sentence on the possibility that Miaka may be the "young lady of legend." Growing hungry, Miaka reaches into her pocket and pulls out some gum, blowing a bubble that terrifies the nearby guards, and causes one of them to faint. Tamahome is able to reach the keys and unlock their cell to escape. As the two make their escape, Miaka is distracted and consequently splits off from Tamahome to gorge herself in the kitchen. Separated and lost, Miaka is greeted by a mysterious and beautiful woman named Hotohori, who is very interested in what she has to say. Realizing Miaka must now be lost, Tamahome makes a noisy distraction, hoping to lure the guards to him and allow her safe passage. Once he is caught, however, Miaka willingly gives herself up, much to Tamahome and Hotohori's dismay. As the guards seize her, Hotohori orders them to stand down, revealing himself to be the Emperor of Konan. Apologizing for the deception, Hotohori explains that he was only trying to determine for himself if she truly was the Priestess of Suzaku, and is himself convinced. He explains the prophecy of a young lady from another world seeking the power of Suzaku and at a time when the Empire was on the verge of collapse, she would seize the power and use it to restore the Empire to its former glory. Although Miaka denies that she is this person, she is enticed by Hotohori's promise that she will be mystically granted one wish, should she claim the power of Suzaku by uniting its seven constellations. She agrees to go along with it, but not until after she has a chance to go back home to her world, much to the puzzlement of Hotohori. Just then, two men discover the Universe of the Four Gods lying on the floor and close it, trapping Miaka inside.

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter One: The Yound Lady of Legends
    • Chapter Two: The Boy With the Demon Star
    • Chapter Three: The Priestess of Suzaku
    • Chapter Four: The Seven Constellations of Suzaku
    • Chapter Five: Dangerous Love
    • Chapter Six: Hidden Love


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    Story Arcs

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